Parmigiani Fleurier Pershing Collection

Parmigiani Fleurier Pershing Collection

Inspired by Pershing, the prestigious Italian luxury yacht builder belonging to the Ferretti Group, Italian master watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier has recently launched its new sports activity timekeeper, the Pershing Collection.

The first collection created in homage to this new partnership has emerged under the sign of the Parmigiani limited edition ‘one-one-five’, in honour of Pershing’s biggest and most prestigious vessel, measuring 115 feet, which can be found engraved on the watch case-back.

This exclusively 18 carat rose gold or 950 Palladium series comes in two dial versions, tan and silver, each in 115-piece numbered editions, and incorporates the self-winding chronograph movement Calibre PF 190.

The Pershing chronograph has an hour and minute display, as well as chronograph seconds in the centre, and has one 12-hour counter and one 30-minute counter, a small seconds counter, plus a tachometer and large date indicator. The case is water resistant to 660 feet and has a rotary bezel.

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LUMIX DMC-FT1 Digital Camera<

LUMIX DMC-FT1 Digital Camera

Panasonic Australia has introduced the LUMIX DMC-FT1, the world’s first waterproof, shockproof and dustproof digital camera to also feature AVCHD Lite High Definition (HD) video recording capabilities.

Panasonic claims the rugged FT1 is the perfect camera for adventurous boaties. The DMC-FT1 is waterproof to a depth of 3m, shockproof from falls up to 1.5m, and dustproof. Rubber padding, reinforced glass and carbon resins inside the camera ensure the body is airtight and protected from water immersion, dust and sand.

The LUMIX DMC-FT1 features 12.1 megapixel resolution, a 28mm wide-angle lens with a 4.6x optical zoom and Panasonic’s own iA (Intelligent Auto) mode, making it an easy-to-use, yet powerful camera that packs advanced imaging features, says Panasonic.

The Lumix DMC-FT1 is available in a range of metallic colours – blue, olive green, orange and silver.

Enquiries: Panasonic, tel: 132 600.


Marlin inflatable jackets

Marlin inflatable jackets

Australian PFD manufacturer Marlin says its new manual/auto inflatable jacket is comfortable in design and offers great mobility, making it the perfect choice for boaties, sailors and fishermen. The Marlin auto inflatable can be worn over a t-shirt or over a wet-weather jacket in colder conditions.

Manual/automatic inflatable PFDs inflate when they are immersed in water (they can be also inflated manually by pulling on the chord). They operate automatically relying on a small tablet that dissolves in the water and causes the inflator to fire a pin into the gas cylinder, which allows gas to fill the jacket.

Marlin PFDs are ideal for situations when the wearer does not want to enter the water, such as sailing or power boating – but wants the confidence if the unexpected happens. The PFD will inflate in five seconds once the wearer enters the water.

Enquiries: Marlin Australia.


BR24 Broadband Radar

BR24 Broadband Radar

According to Navico, its BR24 Broadband Radar is the most significant breakthrough in radar technology since 1940.

BR24 Broadband Radar is the first radar on the recreational marine market to use Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology. Until now, only the military and big commercial boats could afford FMCW radar. Most recreational boats use pulse radar.

Because Navico’s Broadband Radar transmits continuously and not in pulses or ‘bangs’, it eliminates the dead zone completely, says Navico. Conventional scanners often have a 30m dead zone around them, whereas Navico’s Broadband Radar picks up objects within 2m of the boat. The BR24’s range discrimination is also three times better than conventional radar and users will have a much clearer idea of what the radar is showing them, says Navico.

BR24 Broadband Radar also produces a miniscule 0.1 watt of transmit power. That’s about 1/20,000th the amount of energy produced by conventional radars, which typically emit between two and 25kW, and about 1/10th the amount of energy produced by a mobile phone.

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Paguro Marine Generators

Paguro Marine Generators

Backed by a dedicated national dealer network, Welling & Crossley now supplies Paguruo Marine Generators, ranging from 3kVA to 18kVA to the Australian marine leisure market.

Welling & Crossley says Paguro is the highly-reputed Italian marine generator brand of Volpi Tecno Energia (VTE). Established in 1933, VTE has focused for 25 years on developing lightweight, powerful, quiet and compact generators for customers who work in confined spaces.

All Paguro models are fully water-cooled, with stainless steel heat exchangers for enhanced corrosion resistance. This means there’s no need to vent the sound shield, thus avoiding noise emission and providing excellent noise suppression, says Paguro. Every Paguro generator comes with a simple, easy-to-use control panel (full remote control included) with a load meter, start/stop buttons, hour meter and auto shutdown protection indicators.

According to Welling & Crossley, the Paguro marine generator’s soundproof fibreglass hood, double anti-vibration mounts and triple-skin GRP capsule provide excellent soundproofing for whisper-quiet performance.

Enquiries: Welling & Crossley, tel: 1300 493 840.


Ultrasonic antifouling

Ultrasonic antifouling

The Ultrasonic Antifouling system employs single or multiple transducers installed on the inside of a boat’s hull to produce a digital multi-frequency ultrasonic signal on the outer surface of the vessel, agitating and destroying organisms which constitute marine growth. These systems were developed years ago for keeping ponds and cooling-system water towers free of algae and slime. The same technology has now successfully been applied and developed for recreational boats, says maker Absolute Marine Ultrasonics.

Grahame Henderson, who along with Ray Read, heads up Absolute Marine Ultrasonics, is a boat owner who installed the Ultrasonic system in his vessels 12 months ago. Today, Henderson says his hull is still in pristine ‘just anti-fouled’ slippery condition, thanks to Ultrasonics, and he is expecting to get another two years before re-painting.

For best results, AMU insist that its Ultrasonic system is installed by its trained installers, who carry underwater ultrasonic measuring devices to guarantee that an effective signal is achieved all around the vessel, ensuring a quality installation and a happy customer.

Enquiries: Absolute Marine Ultrasonics, tel: 0412 493 187.


Anchor Alert

Anchor Alert

The team at Ultra Marine Products has announced it has obtained the exclusive distribution rights throughout Australasia for the Anchor Alert electronic anchor monitoring system.

According to Ultra Marine Products, the Anchor Alert technology provides boat owners with the confidence to anchor in a crowded anchorage knowing that, if the anchor moves, an alarm will instantly sound.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Deep Blue Marine, Anchor Alert is a wireless system made up of a transponder connected directly to the anchor, along with a boat-based transducer, blue box wireless commander and hand-held alarm.

The system can accurately measure the straight line distance between the boat and the anchor. Once communication between the anchor-connected transponder and the boat-based transducer is established, it measures a straight, ultrasonic line between the two, which is updated every four seconds.

Enquiries: Ultra Marine Products, tel: (07) 3382 0250. Web:


Shimano TwinPower

Shimano TwinPower

Shimano claims the TwinPower SW reel will handle anything thrown at it and continue asking for more, displaying many of the same qualities that make the Stella so successful and Shimano a pioneer in heavy saltwater sportfishing and jigging applications.

Built on Shimano’s ‘SR’ philosophy (smooth, silent, strong and reliable), the TwinPower SW gets its cranking power and strength from a heavy-duty cold-forged drive gear, paired with a brass pinion, plus near-frictionless efficiency from intuitive design and reliability, says Shimano.

All these features are housed in a water-proof hybrid aluminium body, enhanced by the same hyper-disk drag found in the well known Stella SW.

Enquries: Shimano Australia, tel: (02) 9526 2144.


Huon Gravadlax

Huon Gravadlax

Located in the Huon Valley in Tasmania, the Huon Aquaculture Group says it produces some of the world’s most exquisite salmon and ocean trout. Renowned the world over for their quality, texture and flavour. The salmon are raised with the utmost care and attention to ensure its flesh is delicious every time, says Huon.

Huon Gravadlax is prepared traditionally; the fresh salmon is cured in brandy, sugar, salt, black pepper and dill, creating a unique and delicious flavour. Entirely free of artificial colours or flavours, Huon Gravadlax is high in Omega 3 and protein.

Huon Gravadlax comes fully trimmed, sliced and ready to serve on entertaining platters, crackers or with your favourite canapés.

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Yamaha V6 Offshore outboards

Yamaha V6 Offshore outboards

Yamaha’s new F300, F250 and F225 are based around a newly-developed 4.2lt 60-degree V6 engine. The double-overhead camshaft design of the new engines, matched with variable camshaft timing, produces high performance and fuel economy, says Yamaha.

By using a highly-advanced, thermally-applied plasma fusion process on the cylinder walls, Yamaha’s new line of V6 Offshore outboards now have cylinder walls that are 60 per cent harder than steel. That means larger cylinder bores for increased displacement, resulting in more power and torque, without increasing outer cylinder dimensions.

More grunt from larger capacity means a lower 1.75:1 gear ratio has been employed on these engines. Yamaha claims that this allows the new offshore V6s to spin a larger propeller for better hole-shot performance, while the variable camshaft timing provides crisp acceleration and great fuel economy right through the rpm range.

Enquiries: Yamaha Motor Australia, tel: (07) 3906 7000.




MirrorVision is a High Definition Digital LCD television constructed from high-quality components that are built into a unique steel frame with an optically-coated mirror that permits the video image to pass through.

When there is no video image, the optical coating reflects light as with a normal mirror.

Indoor applications include: wall insert, where the unit is mounted inside a cavity wall and the reverse face of the mirror is mounted flush with the wall; wall hung, where the unit can be placed in the frame of your choice and hung on the wall as a normal mirror; and door insert, where the unit can be mounted in a door, such as a wardrobe door or a cabinet door.

Outdoor units are custom-made, with a high brightness LCD panel (three times brighter than a normal LCD), which gives a strong video image in areas of high ambient light, says MirrorVision. The applications are the same as for indoor units, although in addition, custom stands can be made to suit individual needs.

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