Tudor Heritage Chrono

Tudor Heritage Chrono

The newest addition to Rolex’s Tudor Sports Collection, the Tudor Heritage Chrono is inspired by the celebrated Tudor Oysterdate Chronograph of the early 1970s.

Rolex says all the lines of this timepiece have been reformulated to echo, with a contemporary spin, the contours of the original and of the racing cars at the historic, technical and aesthetic heart of its creation.

The 2010 Tudor Heritage Chrono mirrors the original shape and proportions of the middle case, bezel, lugs and bracelet of the 1970s model. But a closer look reveals a series of new design details. Notably, the bevelled and polished edges of the lugs, the slick, stylised shoulders to protect the crown, and the knurled edge of the rotatable bezel and of the pushers that flank a knurled winding crown to improve grip.

The Tudor Heritage Chrono bidirectional rotatable bezel has a black eloxed aluminium disc, and comes with both a three-link solid steel bracelet with a new clasp and Tudor shield logo. It also has a black, grey and orange fabric strap, with a newly-developed vintage- and seat belt-inspired buckle.

Enquiries: Rolex, tel: (03) 9654 3988. Web: www.rolex.com


GME antennae

GME antennae

GME, Australia’s premier communications company, has recently broadened its detachable antenna range with the introduction of the new ABL013 antenna base.

The ABL013 is for customers who only require an antenna whip that swivels in a single direction. Like the ABL012 model that came before it, the ABL013 will also be compatible with all antenna whips in the range. The ABL013 also comes with colour-coded tabs so the base can be identified, and a rubber cap to protect the antenna connections when the whip is removed.

The GME antenna whip range comprises 6ft, 8ft, 27MHz, Broadcast and VHF whips that suit the ABL012 and ABL013 bases. The new whips will be 4ft in length, and are compatible with AIS, 27MHz, Broadcast and VHF devices.

The increase in range to both the detachable whips and antenna bases will give more flexibility to the owners of boats, says GME. Boat owners will also be able to carry two lengths of antenna whip and use the shorter 4ft whip when closer to the shore, or use a longer 6ft or 8ft when a version further offshore.

Enquiries: GME, tel: (02) 9844 6666. Web: www.gme.net.au


The ultimate drink holder

The ultimate drink holder

Engineers at Tallon Systems, the New Zealand-based manufacturer of the award-winning Tallon accessory mounting system, recently came to the conclusion that the single most important accessory that every boat needs, no matter its size, is arguably the drink holder. The upshot of this realisation is the company has launched a brand new accessory dubbed ‘The Ultimate Drink Holder’.

Made from durable Zytel plastic, the Ultimate Drink Holder has a stepped interior, which Tallon claims, can hold everything from bottles to cans and tumblers. A clever cut-out allows the holder to cater for wine glasses and coffee cups, too. There is also a set of rubber inserts inside the holder grip that hold the contents securely – be it a bottle or a coffee mug – preventing slop or rattle when underway.

Enquiries: Tallon Systems.
Web: www.tallonsystems.com


ACR Personal Locator Beacon

ACR Personal Locator Beacon

RFD, a leading supplier of marine safety products, says boating offshore has just become a whole lot safer with the release of the ACR AquaLink View Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).

The ACR AquaLink View provides three levels of integrated emergency signal technology–GPS positioning, a powerful 406 MHz satellite detectable signal and 121.5 MHz homing capability. When activated, the ACR AquaLink View quickly and accurately relays the user’s position via the dedicated emergency COSPAS-SARSAT satellite detection system.

The AquaLink View broadcasts a unique registered distress signal that not only tells rescuers where you are, but who you are. The onboard GPS can fix your location to within 100 metres and a powerful integrated LED strobe light can guide rescuers to the user’s exact location.

The rugged, one-button activated, emergency signalling device also is light, at just 252g and comes with a super bright LED strobe light. The unit is small and light enough to be easily carried in a pack or pocket. It can be worn on deck, at the helm or on a life vest and will float if accidentally dropped overboard.

Enquiries: RFD, tel: (02) 9330 7000. Web: www.rfd.com.au




PowerDive was created for those who enjoy the simplicity of snorkeling but would also like to experience the wonders of breathing underwater. PowerDive is a unique, patented shallow water diving system, bridging the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving.

According to the makers of PowerDive, even if you have never snorkeled or have only basic swimming skills, PowerDiving is available for you. Power divers breathe underwater by means of a 12m air line, which is connected to a floating 12-volt compressor on the surface that follows the power diver’s every movement. The air line allows the power diver to tour underwater near the bottom, at mid-water or on the surface. No heavy diving gear is needed.

After the power diver is comfortable with shallow water dives, he or she can then proceed to greater depths. The power diver is never more than 12 metres from the security of the raft floating on the surface.

The makers of PowerDive say that not only is it great fun for exploring the underwater world, it’s also ideal for underwater boat maintenance, such as hull cleaning or untangling propellers.

Enquiries: PowerDive, tel: (08) 9385 6500. Web: www.powerdive.com


Ventura Jacket and Coastal Hi-Fit trousers

Ventura Jacket and Coastal Hi-Fit trousers

Henri Lloyd says the new TP2 Ventura Jacket and Coastal Hi-Fit trousers from its Coastal and Inshore Range were developed for cruising/coastal sailors who are passionate about the importance of comfort and durability.

Manufactured using highly-breathable waterproof/windproof TP2 fabric, the TP2 Ventura Jacket incorporates many of Henri Lloyd’s special features, including an Optivision Hi-Vis foldaway, streamlined hood. The extra high collar system, with its shaped, fleece lining, also incorporates a fully-adjustable storm shield, which significantly reduces water intake. With a focus on safety and high visibility, the Ventura has pre-moulded reflective patches on the shoulders, chest storm flap and hood.

TP2 Coastal Hi-Fit trousers are made using the same TP2 fabric as the jacket, with nylon seat and knee reinforcement for extra durability. The ladies version has a drop seat, with an inconspicuous zip opening. The all-important cruising sailors’ chest hand warmer pockets are also zipped and have a Rentex mesh lining.

Enquiries: Burke Marine, tel: (02) 9638 4333. Web: www.burkemarine.com.au


Auto-inflating PFD

Auto-inflating PFD

In NSW, new regulations mean that from July 1, 2010 everyone in a boat of less than 4.8 metres must wear a PFD. Victoria has already introduced this requirement. In response, Mercury has released an Auto-inflating Personal Floatation Device (PFD).

Mercury says the big advantage with this PFD is users don’t have to inflate it manually in an emergency situation; the Mercury PFD will automatically inflate as you enter the water.

The Mercury Auto-inflating PFD is also cut to be far more comfortable and less restrictive, making it great for the all-day boatie, says Mercury.

The new PFD fully complies with Australian Standard AS 1512 for personal flotation devices. It is approved for use in all Australian states and in New Zealand.

Enquiries: Mercury Marine. Web: www.mercurymarine.com.au


Bravo Three propeller

Bravo Three propeller

Mercury Marine recently announced that it has redesigned its popular Bravo Three propeller. According to the company, the propeller now has better acceleration, better holding and reduced weight.

The new generation Bravo Three now boasts a four-blade front prop, replacing the original three-blade. The rear three-blade prop remains the same.

The lower-pitch front propellers in the Bravo Three line-up have been redesigned from top to bottom, which, claims Mercury Marine, results in better acceleration across the board with light and heavy loads.

The refinements that have been made to the rake profile of the props, along with the configuration of the 3-4 blade combination, mean that customers can expect to get on the plane quicker and increase the holding in mid-range, says Mercury Marine.

Mercury’s new Bravo Three propeller is available in 20, 21 and 22.5 pitch. Enquiries: Mercury Marine. Web: www.mercurymarine.com.au


Fusion MS-RA200

Fusion MS-RA200

Fusion Electronics has launched its palm-sized MS-RA200 Marine Stereo, featuring Fusion’s acclaimed user interface, iPod and iPhone connectivity and integration, USB compatibility, AM/FM tuner and VHF receiver

With a face plate measuring 157mm x 68mm, the compact MS-RA200 is the perfect solution for the trailer boat, discreet or space-conscious installation, says Fusion.

The MS-RA200 super-compact marine audio system delivers powerful, clear and dynamic sound, with simple controls. No CDs needed, simply connect a USB stick or powered hard-drive for hours of music. Or add the optional dock and glide your iPod or iPhone into the waterproof-housing for near-identical control of these music sources, says Fusion.

Fusion’s unique receiver tunes AM/FM and Marine VHF broadcasts for stereo entertainment, VHF chatter and weather updates. With 50 watts x 4 channels to entertain you, mild to wild systems are so easy. The MS-RA200 is also available with Fusion’s optional amplifiers and speakers.

Enquiries: Fusion Electronics, tel: 1 300 736 012.
Web: www.fusionelectronics.com


Honda BF115

Honda BF115

Derived from the inline four-cylinder 2.4lt DOHC engine used in Honda’s Accord car, the completely-redesigned BF115 outboard incorporates a range of Honda-exclusive technologies to deliver power and fuel efficiency.

Honda says its Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) air/fuel ratio-linked ignition timing control technology and high-performance gearcase were combined in the BF115 to deliver explosive hole shot performance to get boats on the plane quicker than ever.

According to Honda engineers, fuel consumption has been reduced by a massive 20 per cent over the previous model by adopting a new lean-burn control system, which it calls ‘ECOmo’ (Economy Controlled Motor). The system is activated when the engine is in mid-range cruising rpm and the throttle is steady.

More information on Honda’s new BF115 will be available closer to its release. Australian consumers will also get a sneak peek of the new engine at major boat shows around the country this year.

Enquiries: Honda Australia, tel: (03) 9270 1348. Web: www.honda.com.au


Dinner with the Fishwife

Rachel McGlashan is an innovative cook. The wife of dedicated fisherman and Club Marine columnist Al McGlashan, her kitchen is constantly bombarded with enough fish to sink a ship.

Rachel has drawn on her extensive experience to create Dinner with the Fishwife, a selection of original fish-based recipes that will help you prepare a sumptuous menu of fish any time.

Rachel’s creativity with seafood flows from brekkie to brunch, including fish crepes and pear, fig and fish tarts. Or, there’s her Winter Warming Soups like cream of fish soup. Rachel even explores Asian influenced seafood, including favourites such as Ginger and Soy Steamed Fish.

Taking the fishy experience beyond the walls of the kitchen, Rachel shows us how easy it is to move the cooking outdoors in her special section called ‘Barbie, Boat or Beach’. A fisherman’s wife knows that you have to be prepared to fire up the grill wherever the catch may be.

Including tips on how to store and prepare fish, this book is the ultimate for seafood lovers and enthusiasts.

Enquiries: New Holland Publishers Australia. Web: www.newholland.com.au