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Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date

Waterproof to 100, 200, then 300m as it successively evolved since its launch in 1953, the Submariner has always served as proof of Rolex's ongoing investment in waterproof timepiece technology.

Classically styled, the Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date is available in a steel version sporting new features. Its 40mm case in 904L steel, which is waterproof and corrosion resistant, boasts a new rotatable bezel fitted with a scratch-resistant black 'Cerachrom' insert – or green for the model with the green dial – with platinum graduations.

Rolex says the new Submariner Date offers exceptional visibility thanks to hour markers and hands coated with luminescent 'Chromalight'. Its mechanical movement, equipped with a perpetual rotor and a parachrom hairspring, promises chronometric precision and reliability, while the unidirectional rotatable graduated bezel allows the safe reading of dive time.

Enquiries: Rolex, tel: (03) 9654 3988. Web:


Axis Boat and Fishing Shoe by Rugged Shark

A classic three-eye Oxford, the Axis is constructed from nubuck leather and ballistic Cordura nylon mesh, while the interior is lined with a fully-contoured, padded sock that creates a soft comfort zone between the foot and the shoe's outer structure.

The midsole is moulded from an ultra light layer of Phylon, a unique closed-foam material that provides cushioning and absorbs the shock and impact that goes hand in hand with days on the water and other active outdoor pursuits.

The midsole supports a large contact area for the slip-resistant, non-marking Shark Grip outsole, while its special combination of treads and channels prevent hydroplaning on wet surfaces.

The shoe also features Rugged Shark's revolutionary, patented Aquaire drainage system, which channels water out of the foot compartment, where it exits through the unique vented arch support.

Enquiries: Rugged Shark.

Find out more at the Rugged Shark display, stand 162 at this year's Sydney International Boat Show.

Ultra antifouling



International Paint has released this Ultra antifouling treatment, a high-strength, hard, cuprous-oxide-based antifouling product. Ultra contains fluoro microadditives, which makes it smoother and more slippery than many traditional antifoulings, says International Paint.

Ultra's formulation also includes Biolux technology; a unique antifouling technology developed by International Paint. It consists of a system of organic boosting biocides incorporated in a controlled release film to block slime and algae.

Its hard, durable finish makes it resistant to abrasion and rubbing, making it suitable for all types of craft including frequently-used high speed vessels and trailer boats.

"We've sold Ultra in New Zealand for some years and have found that a further feature of the product is that it's extremely smooth – the unusually glossy finish appeals to many boaters, particularly yacht racers, who report the finish aids with speed through the water," said International's Australasian Sales Manager, Derrick Nowak.

Enquiries: International Paint, tel: 1 800 251 431.
Find out more at the International Paint display, stand 224 at this year's Sydney International Boat Show.


Exturn thrusters

Ultra Marine Products has acquired the exclusive distribution rights for the new range of Exturn bow and stern thrusters.

Manufactured in Austria, Exturn thrusters are suitable for installation on the bow or stern. According to Ultra Marine Products, when compared to conventional tunnel thrusters, Exturn can be installed further forward on the hull and they sit deeper in the water, resulting in far greater efficiency. Also, with the motor mounted externally and therefore water cooled, Exturn thrusters have a minimum continuous run time of four minutes with reduced noise emissions of at least 70 per cent.

Exturn thrusters are completely maintenance free, says Ultra Marine Products. There are no anodes, brushes or oil and they require no interior hull space for installation. Exturn also claims that, due to the improved positioning, its thrusters are a minimum 40 per cent more efficient than conventional tunnel thrusters and offer a considerably shorter reaction time.

Enquiries: Ultra Marine, tel: (07) 3382 0250.


TruPlug temporary emergency plug

The 2010 winner of Sail Magazine's Innovation Award, TruPlug is a tapered and cone-shaped foam plug that can be used as a temporary or emergency plug in boating applications when the hull has been breached through impact.

The plug can be simply compressed into a deck or hull hole. The foam returns to its original shape, stopping or reducing the ingress of water.

TruPlug will also stand up to diesel fuel and engine oil, and its manufacturers say it's a vital addition to any vessel's damage control kit.

Enquiries: DeckHardware Australasia, tel: (02) 9905 9400.


Simrad SonicHub

SonicHub is a marine audio server combined with high-definition multifunction displays, which, says Navico, removes the need for a separate stereo onboard. SonicHub integrates seamlessly with Simrad's NSE multifunction display units to provide high-definition colour screens.

SonicHub's docking station is suitable for use with the very latest iPod, iPhone, or other USB MP3 players, making it useful for those who want to access their entire music collection while at sea. The secure and waterproof docking station ensures any external device, such as an iPod, is safe from the elements.

With its high-power amplifier and choice of 20.3cm (8in) and 30.5cm (12in) sunlight-viewable displays, the Simrad SonicHub solution provides high-quality sound and visual control. For those who need to keep up to date with the latest news and weather reports, SonicHub also comes with a built-in AM/FM tuner.

According to Navico, SonicHub is simple to install on an NMEA2000 network. Controlled through the Simrad NSE display, there is no need to cut extra holes in the navigation station as SonicHub does not require a dedicated head unit.

Enquiries: Navico Australia, tel: (02) 9936 1000.

Find out more at the Navico display, stand 202 at this year's Sydney International Boat Show.


Quicksilver Fuel System Treatment & Stablizer

Quicksilver says modern boat owners need to be extra vigilant to protect their engines and entire fuel systems from the damage and contamination that often occurs during storage. This can be a major issue for thousands of recreational boat owners around Australia, who regularly take breaks from the water.

Poorly-maintained fuel systems can adversely affect engine reliability, which is why Quicksilver developed its 'Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer' – to protect boat and engine fuel systems for extended periods of time.

Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer can be added before each fill-up to help maintain fuel integrity and protect fuel systems against varnish and gum deposits, rust, corrosion and oxidation.

Specifically designed for use in all two- or four-stroke petrol and diesel engines, Quicksilver says its Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer protects engines, fuel tanks and fuel lines against chemical damage, deposits and clogs.

Enquiries: Mercury Marine. Web:

Find out more at the Mercury Marine display, stand 507 at this year's Sydney International Boat Show.


Oceantalk AIS-700

Oceantalk says its new AIS-700 system is compatible with all the top brand GPS chartplotters and computer navigation systems. The included PC program also contains a simple radar target-type viewing display as well as an information spreadsheet of AIS target vessels that can be ranked in orders of importance.

AIS (Auto Identification System) has become the fastest growing product area in the marine electronics sector, says Oceantalk. Starting with mandatory Class A fitment to vessels over 300 tonnes, the technology has proceeded quickly into the smaller boat, light commercial and leisure markets with the advent of Class B systems.

Users can see all marine traffic within their VHF transmission range and with a Class B transponder can broadcast their own details to other vessels. The AIS-700 allows operators to obtain individual vessel details and radio call signs, determine courses, speeds and information relating to collision warnings, times of approach and closest points of contact.

The AIS-700 package includes an AIS Class B transponder plus a GPS antenna, VHF antenna and mount, data interface cabling, PC i/o cables and programming software.

Enquiries: Oceantalk, tel: (02) 9981 9500. Web:

Find out more at the Oceantalk display, stand 427 at this year's Sydney International Boat Show.


Navisafe range

The Norwegian manufactured Navisafe line of lighting products is now available in Australia, via new distributor, RFD, which claims it represents an extraordinary breakthrough in lighting technology.

The Navi light 360° is a unique design that combines a waterproof, 360° visibility, super-bright LED light with a double magnetic mounting system, all in a compact package that fits easily in your pocket.

The double magnetic system means the light can be attached anywhere you need it – on clothes, on boats, inside tents – while its intense emergency blink allows rescuers to hone in on an exact position.

Even though the Navi light 360° is powered by just three AAA batteries, it's bright light is visible for up to 9km. The light can operate in a flashing mode or be left permanently on.

Enquiries: RFD, tel: (02) 9330 7000. Web:

Find out more at the RFD display, stand 225 at this year's Sydney International Boat Show.


Active Casual A.C. boat shoe

Active Casuals are high-tech, high-performance shoes specially designed for recreational boating. The company's new A.C. range is now available in a new slip-on style, and its makers claim they're perfect whether you're heading for the beach, the boat or a barbecue.

The moulded EVA technology makes the shoes very light and strong, while the adjustable Velcro strap ensures a comfortable fit. The air-cushioned, anti-slip sole features a unique carbon fibre print finish.

The arch support of the A.C. boat shoe ensures comfort and the removable, anti-microbial insole is washable and specially treated to eliminate foot odour.

Enquiries: Active Casual, tel: 1800 776 738.


OptiMax 150 ProXS

Mercury has released the OptiMax 150 ProXS – the latest addition to the company's line-up of performance, direct-injected outboards.

Mercury says its new 150 delivers a higher top speed, increased acceleration and enhanced boat performance. It has also been given a VELS 3-STAR rating for ultra-low emissions.

Compared to the standard 150 OptiMax, Mercury says the 150 ProXS delivers another 4km/h at top speed while still producing the blistering holeshot associated with all OptiMax engines.

Mercury also says the 150 ProXS boasts better fuel economy than the competition throughout the power band, but especially at cruise speed.

Weighing 195kg, the 150 ProXS has a 2.5lt, V6 design, available in both 20in (L) and 25in (XL) shaft lengths.

Additionally, all engines used for recreational (non-racing) purposes are covered by Mercury's 3+2=5 Year Warranty.

Enquiries: Mercury Marine. Web:
Find out more at the Mercury Marine display, stand 507 at this year's Sydney International Boat Show.