Mercury 8.2 Mag


Mercury MerCruiser says its new 8.2lt big block engine produces more power, has better mid-range acceleration, lower emissions and superior fuel efficiency than its previous models.

The new engine, which replaces Mercury MerCruiser's 496, runs on standard unleaded fuel and is catalyst equipped. Mercury says the 8.2 has low-level CO emissions, comparable to those of a diesel engine, and it achieves remarkably low oil consumption.

The engine is available in two models: the 8.2 Mag, which produces 380hp, and the 8.2 Mag HO, which delivers 430hp. Both are available in sterndrive and inboard configurations.

The engine runs on 87 octane standard unleaded fuel and it's compatible with a host of MerCruiser options, including its Axius, SmartCraft, SeaCore and Guardian systems. Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) is available on the inboard models.

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GME recently launched the MT406G, a Class 2 EPIRB with a fully-integrated 16-channel GPS receiver.

GME says there are two key benefits of a GPS-equipped EPIRB. The first is faster detection by geo-stationary satellites – typically less than 10 minutes anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. (Non-GPS beacons using low-earth-orbiting satellites can take up to two hours to detect an emergency signal.)

The second and arguably the most important attribute of a GPS-equipped EPIRB is the accuracy of the beacon's position. By transmitting latitude and longitude coordinates as part of the emergency message, search and rescue authorities can pinpoint the distress message down to 100m, as opposed to 5km with a standard non-GPS EPIRB. In a true emergency scenario, this combination of rapid alerting and a precise location could well be the difference between a successful rescue and a family tragedy, says GME.

The MT406G GPS-equipped EPIRB uses the latest microprocessor-based technology, is engineered to the Australian/New Zealand 4280.1 EPIRB standard and is backed by GME's six-year warranty.

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Suzuki DF300


Suzuki's new DF300 outboard motor features the company's 'Lean Burn Control System', a brand new 'O2 Feedback Control System' and a new water-detecting fuel filter.

Suzuki claims tests show the new DF300 is 15 per cent more economical than the current DF300, without sacrificing any of its power.

The combination of Suzuki's 'Lean Burn Control System' with its 'Precision Control' electronic throttle system enables infinite electronic control of the flows of both fuel and air. This, in turn, increases the limit of the controllable rev range. The result, says Suzuki, is improved fuel economy across a much wider range of engine speeds.

The brand-new 'O2 Feedback Control System', a first in a Suzuki outboard, stabilises and cleans emissions. In addition, by monitoring the levels of oxygen in the exhaust emissions, the 'O2 Feedback Control System' provides continuous real-time adjustment to the air-fuel ratio, ensuring the optimum fuel delivery at any point in the rev range.

Enquiries: Haines Suzuki Marine, tel: (07) 3271 4400.



D Fender system

Melbourne-based Marine Solutions says the D Fender system is the most cost-effective way to protect a vessel from accidents and the elements.

Available in 1.2m and 1.7m lengths, the D Fender system can be fitted vertically to marina pylons and jetty poles or horizontally along marina whalers to provide protection from hard and damaging surfaces.

To install, simply screw the D Fender system over the existing gunwale rubber. D Fender is designed to fit all types of marinas and the system can even be easily relocated and reinstalled.

Manufactured from closed-cell PE foam (a material renowned for its high-impact qualities) and highly-resilient, non-marking, UV-stabilised materials, Marine Solutions says D Fender stays inflated even after heavy impacts, which ensures greater vessel protection. D Fender is also mildew and rot-resistant.

Enquiries: Marine Solutions, tel: (03) 9670 3305.



SuperCharge deep cycle batteries

SuperCharge Batteries recently introduced two new types of deep cycle battery, the AMP-TECH and the ALLROUNDER.

The AMP-TECH deep cycle battery is designed to deliver results through continuous recharge or discharge cycles, providing a steady level of power for extended periods of time. Electrical accessories such as lights, trolling motors, fridges, TVs and winches all benefit from the consistent supply of power.

The second option is the ALLROUNDER semi deep cycle battery. Powered by Expanded Calcium Grid (EXG) technology, the battery is a high-cranking, high-Ampere-Hour unit that's built with better high-temperature tolerance and better vibration resistance.

SuperCharge says all this means the ALLROUNDER battery will start a boat with ease and provide the power needed to run basic vehicle accessories. With its sealed maintenance-free design, SuperCharge also says the ALLROUNDER battery reduces the risks associated with handling acid and spillage, as well as battery contamination from dirt and dust.

Both AMP-TECH and ALLROUNDER batteries are covered by a 12-month, full-replacement warranty.

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Al-Ko Dacromet coatings

Al-Ko International, a leading Australian supplier of trailers, parts and accessories to the boating and RV industries, is now using Dacromet coating on products that are traditionally galvanised or zinc-plated. These products include leaf spring and rocker roller suspension set-ups, brake calipers, accessories, fish plates and axle pads.

Applied as a liquid, Dacromet coating contains metal oxides, metallic zinc and aluminium flakes. The zinc and aluminium platelets align in multiple layers forming a metallic silver/grey coating that becomes totally inorganic after curing, and, says Al-Ko, is therefore resistant to solvents, gasoline and brake fluids.

In salt spray tests, which are widely used in the industrial sector for the evaluation of corrosion resistance of finished surfaces or parts, components covered with a Dacromet coating showed double the resistance of traditional zinc coatings.

Additionally, Al-Ko claims the Dacromet coating has corrosion resistance superior to other metal finishing methods because a Dacromet coating forms a completely uniform finish on whatever it touches.

Enquiries: Al-Ko International, tel: 1800 035 603.



Caterpillar C18

Caterpillar Marine says the new 930mhp (metric horse power) rating for the popular C18 ACERT engine provides superior power and torque for pleasure craft applications, while also offering superior fuel economy. Caterpillar says the new 930mhp rating brings with it an increase in fuel efficiency of up to 25 per cent.

Caterpillar's C18 ACERT propulsion engine is an 18.1lt, four-stroke, in-line, six-cylinder diesel engine, which is electronically-governed, turbo-charged and after-cooled.

Caterpillar says a crucial feature of the new engine rating is the "best in class" power and torque, which results in faster speeds, better acceleration and overall class-leading cruising performance.

The C18 ACERT engine is compliant with all major global emissions regulations, including IMO, EPA Tier 2, and the EU 94/25/EC Recreational Craft Directive.

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Raymarine LifeTag

Raymarine's new man overboard (MOB) system is designed to protect skippers, crew, family and pets. LifeTag is an automatic, wireless man overboard device that can be used as a stand-alone system, or integrated via Raymarine's SeaTalk into a boat's instrument or multifunction display system.

The LifeTag can be worn around the wrist, attached to clothing, or hung from a lanyard. Its size means it's suitable for an adult or child, and can be attached onto a belt loop, or even a pet's collar. While the tag remains within the wireless range 9m (30ft) from the LifeTag base station it confirms the crewmember is safe. If the tag moves outside of this range, an alarm will sound. The alarm can also be set off manually by pressing and holding down the man overboard (MOB) button on the LifeTag for more than three seconds.

The LifeTag base station is connected to the extra-loud external alarm using a simple two-wire connection. The base station also features a secondary output that can be used for activating third-party systems.

Enquiries: Raymarine, tel: (02) 9479 4800.

Find out more at the Raymarine display, marquee 32-33 at this year's Mandurah Boat Show.



Burke E50 Buoyancy Aid

Burke Marine has added the Burke E50 buoyancy aid to its One Design range.

The new Burke One Design E50 buoyancy aid is ideal for the trapeze, plus hiking and general sailing. An ergonomic construction reduces bulk and gives the wearer maximum freedom of movement when on the water. Features include side-entry, a zip-closure front stow pocket, an adjustable waist band, elasticised shoulder straps and soft foam for a comfortable fit.

The E50 buoyancy aid is light and offers a high-cut fit; Burke Marine says it's ideal for anyone looking for a competitive edge on the water. The E50 is available in red or black, from sizes XS to XXL.

Enquiries: Burke Marine, tel: (02) 9638 8433.



Fusion Marine Television

Fusion's new marine television screens with bonus integrated DVD players come in three sizes: 16in, 19in and 22in. Reception systems include PAL (the Australian TV format) and NTSC (USA and other countries).

Features include an HDMI input; a USB playback connection; a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) to record digital TV to your high-speed USB drive; a VGA port to display computer data, images and movies; plus component and composite video inputs. Fusion's new MS-RA200 stereo to can also be used to replay iPod videos.

For a theatre-like experience, sound can be amplified through Fusion receiver/amp entertainment units, and for some real excitement, a thunderous bass can be added via a Fusion active subwoofer.

Fusion says its marine televisions have conformal-coated circuit boards to resist sea, salt and spray.

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St Kilda Boat Sales Apple app

St Kilda Boat Sales, an industry-accredited boat dealer based at the St Kilda Marina in the Melbourne suburb of Elwood, recently launched 'Boat Sales', an iPhone and iPad app that's perfect for busy boat buyers on the go.

Available for free, the 'Boat Sales' app enables buyers, sellers and boating enthusiasts to search the St Kilda Boat Sales database for new and used boats listed for sale.

The app allows you to view full vessel inventories and photos, while it also alerts you to notifications of new listings. The latest marine news, local weather and boating forecasts are also available.

Version 1.0 of the 'Boat Sales' app is now available and is fully compatible with any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running OS 3.0 or later. The app is also compatible with most Smartphones using the Google Android operating system.

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