Koden CVS-128 Digital Echo Sounder

The auto function on the new Koden CVS-128 Digital Echo Sounder is the unit’s most useful setting, according to Koden Marine Electronics, and good news for serious recreational and professional fishermen.

Koden has added an anti-reflective coating on the 21cm (8.4in) colour LCD display (8, 16, or 64 colour levels), for excellent readability in direct sunlight. The digital filtering eliminates clutter and noise and enhances the images of the fish targets in both shallow and deep water, making it easier to differentiate between baitfish, larger fish, and the bottom.

Up to 10 screen images can be stored in the built-in memory, and input from the external GPS sensor can lead the skipper back to a favourite fishing hotspot or other saved position.

The Koden CVS 128 digital colour echosounder is now available in either 600W or 1kW output power for your preferred fishing depth.

Enquiries: Coursemaster Autopilots, tel: (02) 9417 7097.



Tallon kayak safety flag

As kayaking becomes more and more popular, paddlers are increasingly finding themselves sharing the water with everything from jet skis to large commercial vessels. So the need to be seen on the water has never been greater.

Tallon’s new kayak safety flag features a 107cm (42in) shaft engineered from ultralightweight carbon fibre, with a highly visible weatherproof flag with reflective strips, and a waterproof, high-output, low-draw LED light, visible up t006F 2nm.

The low-drag safety flag is fully collapsible. By folding the flag into its own pocket and affixing its Velcro flap, it can be broken down to only 36cm for ease of storage and portability. The key feature of the Tallon kayak safety flag is that it quickly and effortlessly mounts in and out of a Tallon – the company’s award-winning universal accessory mount.

With the Tallon mount in place, kayakers can also mount other necessary items, from rod holders to hooks and loops to GPS systems and fish finders.

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Pier Plas

The Global Marine Group has just added a new modular docking system called Pier Plas to its extensive range of marine products.

The Pier Plas docking system consists of interlocking blocks constructed from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The blocks are not only environmentally friendly, but require next to no maintenance, says Global Marine Group.

The Pier Plas docking system can be used to form drive-on boat docks, drive on jet ski docks, marina walkways and pens, floating bridges and floating aquatic attractions. There are no corrosion susceptible components, and each block features a non-skid surface.

Extremely buoyant, each block can float up to 90kg; a half block is able to float up to 54kg. Fast, practical and easy to assemble, Pier Plas blocks are manufactured in different colours so owners can create their own innovative layouts for their floating platforms.

Enquiries: Global Marine Group, tel: 0405 217 592. Web:



Mackay Trailers

With 35 years of boat trailer design experience, Mackay Trailers now introduces its new, lightest-ever, fully-welded aluminium trailer range.

Designed from the ground up, Mackay’s aluminium frames are engineered to meet rugged Australian conditions. To ensure reliability, welded and bolted joints are used to minimise structural stress and fatigue.

According to Mackay Trailers, the use of topnotch NSK bearings underline its attention to quality. Carrying a 7.9m (26ft) boat, the AL65TX trailer has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 3200kg and weighs only 460kg. The larger AL70TX model is designed for an 8.5m (28ft) boat, has a GVM of 3750 kg and weighs only 580kg.

Accompanied by a two-year structural warranty, Mackay Trailers’ products feature low-ride axles and loadshare suspension with Toyota LandCruiser hubs.

Enquiries: Mackay Trailers, tel: (03) 9772 6166 (Vic); (08) 9581 9138 (WA); or 0424 045 696 (Qld). Web:



OptiMax Pro XS

Mercury Marine says its OptiMax Pro XS range has taken the key features of its OptiMax platform and made them even better, making it one of the strongest performing families of direct-injected engines in the industry.

According to Mercury Marine, the dome-shaped pistons in the OptiMax Pro XS engines direct the fuel/air charge to the spark plug more efficiently, producing excellent running quality, better fuel economy and low emissions.

OptiMax Pro XS engines offer a higher wide-open-throttle RPM operating range, which means more propeller options to maximise boat performance, according to Mercury Marine.

All OptiMax Pro XS models are rated three-star Ultra Low Emissions by the VELS labelling system (excluding the 200hp, which is two-star rated).

Now boasting six engine variants (115, 150, 175, 200, 225 and 250hp), the OptiMax Pro XS range is protected by Mercury’s 3-Year Corrosion Warranty, as well as Mercury’s 3+2=5 Year Warranty, which covers all engines used for recreational (non-racing) purposes.

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GME G-Series display range

GME recently announced the release of its new, fully-featured G-Series range of marine displays.

The G –Combo (chartplotter/fishfinder), G –Plot (GPS chartplotter) and G –Fish (standalone fishfinder) units all present a high-performance colour display in a popular space-saving design.

Each unit possesses a high resolution 14.2cm (5.6in) back-lit TFT LCD display with night mode and 10 adjustable settings. The units can either be flush-mounted into a dash or fixed on the tilt-and-swivel bracket, which is supplied along with a sun cover.

The G –Plot and G –Combo have in-built 16-channel GPS antennae with provisions for external antennae. Cartography features are available via the C-Map Max charts, available on a standard SD card. The chartplotter specifications and features are enhanced by the use of digital fishfinder technology in the G –Combo. The G –Fish has all the sonar capabilities of the combo unit but as a standalone fishfinder.

A GME two-year manufacturer’s warranty comes with each of these IPx7-rated units.

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STA-BIL Diesel Fuel Stabiliser

Trico Products recently announced the addition of Gold Eagle’s Diesel Formula STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser to its expanding line-up of additives.

Diesel fuel stored in bulk tanks, drums or fuel tanks can deteriorate rapidly for a variety of reasons. Fuel degradation can occur through thermal stress or oxidisation, which results in the formation of sediments, gum and varnish deposits.

Diesel Formula STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser addresses these serious problems. Trico Products claims that the addition of the recommended dosage of Diesel Formula STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser to a full tank of fresh diesel will keep it fresh for around 12 months, preventing the formation of sludge and sediment. Additionally, it will help to remove water from the system.

Enquiries: Trico Products, tel: (03) 9271 3288. Web:



Bushman Repellent

Tests conducted on behalf of Bushman Repellent, an Australian manufacturer of insect repellent, have shown an unprotected angler can be bitten more than 25 times a minute by mosquitoes and more than 30 times a minute by sand flies.

However, laboratory trials carried out by the Department of Medical Entomology at the Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research, University of New South Wales, found that Bushman Repellent provides effective protection against Aedes egypti mosquitoes (Australia’s most common species).

Offering up to 15 hours protection from a single application, Bushman Repellent stands out as the most effective, longest-lasting insect repellent available. And, according to a spokesperson for Bushman Repellent, it even feels great and smells nice.

Bushman Repellent with DEET is wholly-owned by North Queensland Laboratories and is only manufactured in Australia.

Enquiries: Bushman Repellent, tel: (07) 3822 4466. Web:



AL-KO LED light

AL-KO has announced the release of the latest additions to its OEM and aftermarket range of products, namely AL-KO LED caravan and trailer lights. The new range, built specifically to suit Australian and New Zealand caravans, trailers, boat trailers, horse floats and RVs, comes with a five-year warranty.

AL-KO LED lights are constructed with high-quality, tough polycarbonate. The lenses and bodies are made with high-quality resin, which adapts to temperature changes. The lights are vibration- and shock-resistant and come with quality copper wires, stainless steel fittings and varying cable lengths for ease of fitting.

For boating enthusiasts, the unique submersible design of the range of trailer lamps offers durability for all trailers that frequently enter the water or are exposed to the elements.

Enquiries: AL-KO International, tel: 1800 035 603. Web:



Simrad NSO offshore navigation system

Simrad’s new large-display NSO offshore navigation system is based on its acclaimed NSE platform, and is available with 25.4cm (10in), 38.1cm (15in) and 48.3cm (19in) displays.

The system functions as a chartplotter, autopilot, broadband radar and Simrad HD digital radar, or as a fishing system with the powerful broadband sounder module and the unique StructureScan module.

A simple rotary controller, dedicated chart, sonar and radar keys, and an alphanumeric keypad deliver professional performance in an easy-to-use package.

The NSO offshore is compatible with the Simrad SonicHub multi-zone audio system and CZone digital switching technology to offer complete vessel integration. Chartplotter, iPod and navigation lights can also be controlled from the primary NSO display.

Enquiries: Navico Australia, tel: (02) 9936 1000. Web:




VersaDock Australia recently introduced VersaDock Hire to Australian waters.

Based on the success of VersaDock floats in the retail market, VersaDock Australia is offering short- and long- term hire arrangements for residential and commercial applications.

According to VersaDock, temporary docks or pontoons for special events or projects can be built to your exact specifications in a multitude of shapes.

VersaDock Hire can create floating work platforms, barges or temporary walkways for greater and safer access. Other projects include filling pools for extra floor entertaining space and building platforms for officials or spectators to use for an on-water event.

Enquiries: VersaDock, tel: 0448 911 222. e-mail:



Seasafe alarm, tracking and location system

Brisbane-based marine technology company Seasafe has developed what it claims is one of the world’s most advanced man-overboard and lost-diver alarm, tracking and location systems.

According to Seasafe, the system is based on a coded radio frequency signal that allows for pin-point location accuracy as well as exceptional signal transmission ranges. The system also allows for search-and-rescue operations to be under taken at the time and place they occur without relying on a response from national or international search and rescue authorities.

The system’s most important feature is the provision of an additional level of safety for all crew members on board a vessel or any number of divers on a dive vessel.

Each personal transmitter automatically activates in a man overboard situation, or may be manually activated if a diver becomes separated from the dive vessel.

Enquiries: Seasafe Pty Ltd, tel: (07) 3488 2622. Web:



BlueRay iPhone app

BlueRay is one of Australia’s leading boat security and monitoring systems. Using GSM technology, boat owners can arm and disarm the security system on their boats, monitor low batteries, check bilge flooding, GPS location and track their boats if they move from their secured positions, simply by SMS messaging.

Always looking for ways to make its systems more user-friendly, BlueRay Marine has now released an application that allows boat owners to operate the ‘Manta’ or ‘Sting’ security and monitoring systems simply by pushing a button on their iPhones.

The BlueRay app also allows remote control of lights and power, so boat owners can lower the transom, start a generator, or turn the air conditioning and refrigerator on before they arrive at the dock.

The BlueRay app also monitors the boat’s shore power and will alert the boat owner if shore power has been disconnected.

Enquiries: BlueRay Marine, tel: (02) 8757 3133. Web:



The Complete Fishing Bible

Just in time for the holidays, sports fisherman Al McGlashan has released a revised second edition of The Complete Fishing Bible, a comprehensive reference book for both novice and seasoned anglers.

A regular contributor to Club Marine, Al McGlashan is passionate about fishing and all things outdoors. His updated second edition of The Complete Fishing Bible contains several new chapters on fly fishing, catch-and-release techniques, the latest fishing technology and safe boating.

An essential piece of tackle for all anglers, the CFB offers a guide to being a better angler, tips on how to catch a feed, fishing at night, a focus on sustainable fishing, safe boating and fishing with the family. It also provides delicious recipe ideas for the chefs who cook up the catch of the day.

Enquiries: New Holland Publishers, tel: (02) 8986 4700. Web: