Mercury Marine fuel treatment products

Mercury Marine fuel treatment products

Mercury Marine has released a new range of fuel treatment products: Quickare, Quickleen and Quickstor.

Mercury Marine says the improved formulas in all three products have been specifically designed to suit the harsh Australian marine environment, which differentiates them from many automotive treatments.

The three products are to be used together in three steps.

Step 1: Quickare. Add to every fill-up to maximise performance and minimise corrosion and deposits.

Step 2: Quickleen. Use during boating to help clean and protect your engine. Quickleen removes carbon deposits and prevents engine knocking and piston seizure.

Step 3: Quickstor. Add to fuel before storing or when the engine is not being used for extended periods. Quickstor prevents regular and ethanol-blended fuel from breaking down and oxidising.

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RFD Kannad Marine line

Australia’s specialist safety distributor RFD recently launched its Kannad Marine line of marine safety beacons and transponders.

The Kannad Solo Personal Locator Beacon is a fullfeatured, compact system designed to be carried in a pocket or emergency grab bag.

Packed with features such as onboard GPS and an internal light, and transmitting on the digital 406MHz frequency, the Kannad Solo PLB is also waterproof to a depth of 10m.

Kannad’s Sport EPIRB also transmits on the digital 406MHz frequency and has a 121.5MHz homing frequency to assist search and rescue. An additional feature is a built-in LED, useful for attracting attention at night.

The Kannad Sport Plus is an enhanced version of the Kannad Sport, and has a built-in GPS receiver for improved location accuracy. It also features a lightweight, ergonomic design and a five-year battery life.

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GME G-Series

Australian communications company GME has recently launched the GME G-Series, a range of onboard electronics that includes chartplotter, fishfinder, and combo units, the G-Com handheld VHF radio and the GD9600 marine stereo system.

The newly-launched units all present a high performance colour display in a space-saving design. Screen resolution and brightness have been addressed with a high resolution 640 x 480 pixel, 5.6in (142mm) diagonal back-lit TFT LCD display, with night mode and 10 adjustable settings on all three models.

With an easy-to-use menu structure and multiple screen options, the G-Series allows the user to get the best performance out of the unit quickly and easily. A ‘snapshot’ function enables the display on the screen to be captured and saved to the unit’s 128MB memory and then downloaded to an optional SD card for viewing on a personal computer.

The G-Series units are IPX7 rated and come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Zodiac Boat in a Bag

Leading inflatable boat manufacturer Zodiac Marine has introduced its new Boat in a Bag range. Ideal for camping, the Boat in a Bag is lightweight, quick to inflate and folds up for easy storage. The boats are available with a choice of flooring to suit most needs, from a solid plywood floor to a fully-inflatable floor.

According to Zodiac, the Boat in a Bag is the perfect solution for those who want a portable boat without the hassle of a trailer. After use, the Boat in a Bag folds up in a durable bag that is convenient and portable.

Compact and strong, the Zodiac Boat in a Bag comes with accessories to match.

Renowned for safety and with more than a million boats sold throughout the world, Zodiac has been a leading producer of inflatable boats for over 70 years.

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FLIR M-Series

FLIR, a world leader in thermal imaging technology, recently released two new M-Series low-light and thermal imaging cameras: the M-320L and M-626L.

Both units are equipped with a vanadium oxide microbolometer detector that produces crisp thermal images. The M-320L produces thermal images of 320 x 240 pixels, while the M-626L produces thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels.

FLIR says the units provide crisp, clear thermal imagery in total darkness and in light fog or smoke. Packaged in a small, ultra-compact gimbal, the units are designed for the most demanding maritime applications.

FLIR says the cameras’ vital cores are rated IP66, are well-protected against humidity and water and can operate between minus 25 and plus 55 degrees. The M-Series cameras also have built-in heaters to defrost their protective windows, ensuring a clear lens and quality infrared images on the monitor, even in extreme environments.

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Seasafe portable man-overboard tracking unit

Brisbane-based man-overboard and lost-diver tracking and location technology company Seasafe recently launched its revolutionary new portable tracking system.

To achieve the goal of a completely self-contained portable system, Seasafe has incorporated its standard MOB and lost-diver system into a rugged water- and shock-proof case.

The inclusion of a 30cm stubby omni-directional antenna (with an approximate 3km signal range) also ensures the system can be safely transported anywhere in the world for immediate use.

Seasafe says mariners and divers can now be assured of their own safety when travelling locally or abroad; the portable Seasafe kit is particularly useful in countries and areas that don’t offer resident marine search and rescue responders.

In the first few weeks since the launch, Seasafe has sold a number of the new portable kits as far afield as the Czech Republic and the Maldives. The new system offers particular value to charter operators and clubs, who now have the opportunity to rent the kit out to members as a service, thus also providing a source of recurring income.

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Garmin GHP 12

Garmin, a global leader in satellite navigation, recently announced the launch of its GHP 12 sailboat autopilot system. According to Garmin, the GHP 12 brings robust performance and sophisticated control capabilities to 20-70ft (6-21m) sailboats equipped with linear-actuated steering systems.

The GHP 12 system is available with two linear drive options: the Class A Drive Unit, for sailboats with up to 12,927kg (28,500lb) of displacement, or the Class B Drive Unit for larger sailboats with up to 35,833kg (79,000lb) of displacement. The GHP 12 features a built-in gyro that maintains precise turn response and control stability. In addition, the integrated rudder feedback ensures ease of installation and exceptional reliability.

Also, Garmin says the GHP 12 offers minimal power consumption to conserve onboard power systems. When interfaced with Garmin’s GWS 10 or other compatible wind sensors, GPS and network electronics, the GHP 12 can support workload-saving features such as heading hold, wind hold, step turns, tack/jibe, MFD route following and more.

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Cure Composites pontoons and gangways

Following the recent Queensland flood crisis, pioneering composite construction group Cure Composites teamed up with engineers and composite experts to develop a number of innovative products that will reduce future damage/loss in flood situations.

The new range includes the ‘Flood-Friendly Pontoon’ and a variety of other products, including floating walkways, riverbank retaining walls, slimline architectural gangways and riverside platforms.

“Just about anything that spans from land to water we have looked into and improved with clever design and the use of composite construction,” said Cure Composites’ Dave Biggar. “Traditional methods used in marine infrastructure just don’t meet the changing environment, which is why we are excited to release our new product range at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show,” he added.

Formerly Multihull Components, Cure Composites (CC for short) is fast emerging as a serious contender in the composite construction and marine infrastructure industry. Its most recent project was the fašade on the Brisbane International Tennis Centre footbridge.

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Clarion CMD7 and MF1 RF

Clarion, a world leader in auto and marine audio systems, has launched its new CMD7 watertight source unit.

According to Clarion, the CMD7 is a full-featured marine unit that has all of the necessary marine protection and ‘must have’ features at a low recommended retail price.

Features of the CMD7 Marine Source Unit include: a watertight rating to IPX5; full iPod/iPhone control via USB; a one-year memory backup and auxiliary audio inputs.

Another exciting addition to Clarion’s marine range is the hand-held MF1 RF remote control, which requires no wires, is IP67 rated and floats. The handheld MF1 RF uses RF signals, giving it a range of up to 30m, and it even operates through walls – a direct line of sight is not required.

The handheld MF1 RF works with the CMV1, CMD6, CMD7, CMS1 and M309 source units. Multiple remotes can be paired to each source unit, so the owner can simply mount it on the wall or hang it off his or her keys or lanyard.

The CMD7 and the MF1 RF will be released at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in May.

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Honda BF250 outboard

Honda recently added its new flagship BF250 outboard to its marine engine line-up.

The BF250 premiered at the 2011 Miami International Boat Show, and provides the first indication of the design direction taken by the new unit, which will be available in Australia towards the end of this year.

Based on a large-displacement 3.6lt engine, the BF250 has been designed to deliver the optimum balance of performance and fuel efficiency through exclusive Honda technologies, including: BLAST air/fuel ratio-linked ignition timing control technology; VTEC variable valve timing and electronic control; and ECOmo, the company’s unique ‘lean burn’ control system.

The concept engine is also NMEA 2000 compliant, allowing engine-to-electronics data communication to deliver engine management and performance data to compatible marine electronics displays.

Honda says its current range of marine outboard engines meet or exceed some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world.

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The new Burke Marine PFD range

As readers of Club Marine Magazine know, new Australian standards for PFDs recently came into effect. What readers may not know, however, is that Burke Marine has embraced these changes by unveiling a whole new range of compliant PFDs.

The design team at Burke Marine has created a selection of five PFD models: L100, AP50, M50, D50 and E50, as well as Level 150-100 inflatables. The R50 and S50 are also in the works, and will be available in late 2011.

According to Burke Marine, the whole range has been ergonomically designed for extra comfort, space and flexibility, especially around the arms. Each model is made with extra-supple, non-water-retaining foam. As Martin Burke, CEO and founder of Burke Marine, says: “In the PFD business, my main goal has always been to not only provide an affordable PFD, but one that you would gladly wear.”

The latest non-corrosive zips have been double-sewn, while a sturdy, non-removable 38mm waist band and an elasticised waist provide a snug fit.

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