Greg Fisher
we were actually able to get out there and prevent damage and loss

Barely had we put the last issue of Club Marine Magazine to bed, in which we covered the Queensland floods in detail, when another natural disaster hit. The destruction wrought by Cyclone Yasi on north Queensland has already been well documented in the media, but in this issue of the magazine you’ll see it from a slightly different perspective.

Over the years, Club Marine has assembled a group of professionals that make up what we call our Event Response Team. It is led by National Claims Manager, Phil Johnson, and includes many leading players in the Australian insurance and marine industries. People such as experienced marine assessors, John Messenger and John Webster are part of the team that is comprised of a dedicated and professional group that is ready to respond whenever there is a major threat posed to our members’ boats, wherever they might be.

Typically, the Event Response Team comes together once word has been received about a specific threat, such as a cyclone or flood. In the case of Cyclone Yasi, we began receiving reports of the cyclone’s build-up a couple of days before it actually hit. Phil and his team were soon monitoring reports on an hourly basis and it wasn’t long before we knew we had a very serious situation on our hands.

Elsewhere on this website, you’ll read in detail of Phil and his team’s efforts in the wake of one of the worst cyclones to have ever hit our shores. The team was on the ground and working to salvage boats from the worst affected areas within hours of the storm having wreaked havoc in places like Port Hinchinbrook and Mission Beach.

I am pleased to be able to report that we have already authorised settlement for 30 per cent of our claims from Yasi and wish all affected members the best as they try to put their lives – and lifestyles – back together.

On a much more positive note, the boat show season will soon begin in earnest across Australia and New Zealand, beginning with one of the most prestigious shows on the calendar – the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show held in Queensland and beginning on May 19. A week earlier, Kiwi boating enthusiasts will get their first look at new models and products for 2011 at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show in Auckland. Anticipation is already building in marine circles as many boat builders work against time to finalise new models for their show launches.

Here at Club Marine we are similarly wound up in the excitement as we prepare our own plans for the many boat shows we attend and support across Australasia.

As CEO of Australia’s largest provider of recreational boat insurance, I am proud to continue the tradition of supporting many of the major and regional boat shows in which we are involved or sponsor each year. Almost since it began more than 40 years ago, Club Marine has had a policy of supporting any endeavours that seek to promote and foster our great boating lifestyle. Boat shows are high on the list, as are the many yachting regattas, ski races and fishing tournaments that we are more than pleased to support.

For 2011, we have some particularly exciting plans for the major shows in each state where we will have a corporate presence. Bart Beek, our in-house gourmet chef, will continue to provide his informative cooking demonstrations and we will also display some exciting new items in our official merchandising range.

But of most importance to us is that we take the opportunity to meet and talk with our many members who attend the boat shows. It is an invaluable chance to receive feedback on how Club Marine can best serve the needs of its members.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to personally invite each and every one of you to come over to our stand for a chat. It’s your chance to provide us with a report card as we strive to make the Club Marine experience the best we possibly can for all our members.

I hope to see you at a boat show somewhere this year.

Greg Fisher,
CEO and Publisher,
Club Marine.