Simrad NSS Sport series

Simrad NSS Sport series

Developed with ease of use in mind for fishing, sailing and cruising, Simrad’s new, feature-packed NSS Sport series offers the combination of a touch-screen, keypad, and rotary knob control.

The touch-screen is made for quick waypoint placement, fish marking and radar target acquirement. The rotary knob controls proportional functions such as zooming on a chart, adjusting gain, steering the autopilot, or even cranking up the tunes on Simrad’s SonicHub stereo system.

Powered by a rugged marine processor for high-level performance, the NSS Sport is available in three display sizes – NSS7 (16.3cm), NSS8 (21.3cm) and NSS12 (30.5cm). Each model incorporates Simrad’s ultra-clear, sunlight-viewable and energy-efficient LED backlighting technology, along with an internal GPS antenna.

Pre-loaded with Navionics Coastal Cartography, the NSS Sport is compatible with a range of options including the award-winning Broadband Radar, StructureScan, SonicHub, and integrated autopilots. It can also be networked with multiple Simrad displays throughout the vessel.

Enquiries: Navico Australia, tel: (02) 9936 1000.


Volvo Penta IPS 3

Volvo Penta IPS 3

It’s been six years since Volvo Penta introduced its first IPS model and created a completely new marine segment: pod installations. The IPS, with its forward-facing propellers, soon became an alternative to traditional shaft installations.

Volvo Penta’s IPS program is now being further expanded. Volvo Penta has launched two new power classes: IPS 1050 and IPS 1200. These big new powerplants recently appeared at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show for the first time in the southern hemisphere with their predecessors, the IPS 1 and IPS 2.

The engine for the new power classes is Volvo Penta’s D13, a powerful 13lt engine equipped with dual-stage turbo technology. The first stage is a twin-entry turbo that enables pulse charging – the power in each exhaust pulse is used to provide pulse pressure – which results, says Volvo Penta, in high torque from low revs. At higher revs, a second turbo kicks in so the engine retains its power.

Volvo Penta has developed a larger and even more powerful IPS propulsion unit as well as a completely new series of propellers tailor-made for the IPS 1050 and IPS 1200.

The Volvo Pentas will be displayed together next at the Sydney International Boat Show (July 28 to August 1).

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II

Exactly 40 years after its launch, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II has been updated. The new model combines technical innovations and a return to aesthetic sources. The case, entirely designed and manufactured by Rolex, has been enlarged to 42mm, and is made from 904L stainless steel super alloy, which has been polished and satin finished.

The movement of the Oyster Perpetual Explorer II includes the most recently-patented technologies of the brand, such as the paraflex shock absorbers and the non-magnetic parachrom hairspring, which – according to Rolex – guarantees reliability and shock resistance.

The bracelet is equipped with a new oysterlock clasp with safety catch and the easylink comfort extension link. On the dial, the 24-hour hand has returned to the arrow shape and the orange colour of the original 1971 model. The hour and minute hands are broader and more legible, and, on the black-dial version, their black base blends with the black dial to create a ‘phantom effect’. The luminescent sections of the hands seem to float over the dial – another nod to the historic model.

The ‘jumping’ hour hand can be set independently, providing a GMT function (second time zone), in conjunction with the 24-hour hand and bezel.

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Mercury Plus Series engines

Mercury Plus Series engines

Mercury says its remanufactured engines provide an easy and economical option for owners to re-power their boats at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Mercury Marine has added three more options to its range of Plus Series engines: the fuel-injected small-block 350 MPI Alpha (300hp); the 357 Alpha 4V with an electric choke carburettor and knock control (275hp); and the 4.3L Alpha 4V (225hp), suitable for 4.3lt and 5.0lt-powered runabouts.

Mercury says all remanufacturing takes place in a state-of-the-art facility by expert marine technicians, ensuring that all Plus Series engines meet all current standards.

Mercury points out that only the engine is remanufactured. All the ancillary equipment – the fuel system, ignition system, drive, transom and manifold – are brand new, and all Plus Series engines are covered by a 12-month warranty.

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GME floating handheld VHF

GME floating handheld VHF

Marine electronics specialist GME is broadening its product portfolio with the introduction of the G-Com GX660 marine VHF handheld radio.

The GX660 is fully waterproof with an IP67 rating, making it ideal for use on dinghies and runabouts without onboard electrical systems. The GX660 is also buoyant, so a dip overboard won’t result in a one-way ticket to Davy Jones’ locker.

Features of the GX660 include a large backlit LCD screen and full 5w RF output – the maximum legally permitted under the Australian/New Zealand 4415.2 standard.

The physical design is a blend of aesthetics and practical ergonomics. GME says the large colour-coded key pad is easy to use – even with gloves on – and provides straight-forward access to a plain English menu and its many operating functions.

Taking its lead from the mobile phone industry, the GX660 uses a 1400mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, which delivers more than enough power for a day’s boating between charges.

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Voyager Series II

Voyager Series II

Australian company Marine Tech Industries (MTI) says its new Voyager Series II seats have been developed specifically for top-tier boaters who appreciate the long-term benefits of quality and aesthetics.

The Voyager has a heavy-duty frame and moulded foam for extra comfort and support. Traditionally fitted to an MTI pedestal base, a new plinth-mount model can be installed on top of a cabinet. With a full 400mm of fore and aft travel, MTI says the Voyager plinth series delivers unprecedented space at the helm.

The seat comes with a variety of options: a high-back or low-back, a broad choice of upholstery colours, a powder-coated or polished finish and the customer’s choice of marine vinyl, synthetic leather or leather hide. Even the folding footrest is optional.

What is not an option, however, is the unique MTI Softrider feature. When selected, this feature delivers a cushioning effect through the column to minimise impact when powering through otherwise bone-jarring sea conditions.

Enquiries: Marine Tech Industries, tel: (03) 9761 9322. Web:


Ultrascan PC180

Ultrascan PC180

Interphase, a leader in sonars for the recreational and light commercial market, has recently introduced an ultra-fast multibeam sonar to the Australian market, the PC180.

Based on breakthrough digital technology, the new PC180 uses two phased-array transducers with no moving parts. One transducer is mounted on either side of the vessel’s keel to enable a full 180-degree horizontal scan sector.

Working like an acoustic underwater radar (although much faster), the Ultrascan PC180 functions in three modes. The ‘Forward Vertical Scanning mode’ shows a view from the surface directly ahead of the vessel to the bottom below. The ‘Forward Horizontal Scanning mode’ shows a 180-degree view ahead and to each side of the boat. Thirdly, an intuitive split screen view shows the forward vertical scan on the right side of the display and a conventional down-looking (or fish finder) mode on the left.

Interphase says that Ultrascan’s fast update speed and huge scan coverage will make it an indispensable tool for both recreational and tournament offshore anglers looking to quickly locate and track schools of bait and gamefish.

Enquiries: Coursemaster, tel: (02) 9417 7097. Web:


Henri Lloyd TP1 Vista Trousers

Henri Lloyd TP1 Vista Trousers

Henri Lloyd says its new TP1 Vista Trousers from its Coastal and Inshore range have been developed for the inshore/coastal sailor who is aware of the importance of comfort, durability and performance when it comes to marine apparel.

The trousers feature a non-corrosive fly zip, which is further protected by a storm flap, plus seat and knee reinforcement and diverted critical reinforcement seams to reduce wear.

Constructed from Henri Lloyd’s own super-soft TP1 fabric, Henri Lloyd says these trousers are 100 per cent waterproof and windproof. They are treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellency) finish, which sheds water and helps to maintain performance and comfort.

For a snug fit, the trousers benefit from a differential waist height – they’re lower at the front and higher at the back. They also feature two side pockets with water-resistant zips, fast-draining, quick-access leg pockets and hook-and-loop external ankle adjustment.

Available in Marine Blue, the trousers can be complemented by the Henri Lloyd TP1 Vista Jacket.

Enquiries: Contact Burke Marine, tel: (02) 9638 4333. Email: Web:




Authors Bruce Andrawartha and Don Tuma set out to provide a compact waterproof guide to fish commonly taken by recreational anglers in Australian waters. They consulted the crews of Australian and foreign fishing vessels, staff at provincial fish markets, seafood wholesalers, retailers, taxonomists, ichthyologists and hundreds of recreational fishers throughout the country. The result: Fil-O-Fish.

Fil-O-Fish is a compact waterproof handbook that describes over 400 of Australia’s most popular marine and freshwater angling species. It’s a handy and convenient guide for anyone wanting to identify their catch.

Each page contains a clear, colour photograph of each fish, along with its scientific name, family name, habitat, main distinguishing diagnostic features, size range (maximum recorded length and weight), Australian distribution and eating quality. Family information also includes diets (as a bait guide) and cooking hints.

The 408-page portable handbook measures 12cm x 9cm x 2.5cm, making it perfect for your pocket, tackle box or boat.

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Hunting Australia

Hunting Australia

“There is no better way to improve your hunting skills than putting in the hours,” writes Al McGlashan. That said, reading his new book would almost certainly increase your ability, if not enthusiasm, for the sport.

Al McGlashan’s latest book, Hunting Australia, is a celebration of hunting and the outdoor life. It has 168 pages of colour photographs and features stories and instructions on hunting with a gun, bow or rod in Australia and New Zealand.

Hunting Australia is a comprehensive hunting book that has additional chapters on camping, canoeing, outdoor photography, exploring and even good old yabbying.

McGlashan says the book is written in his own laconic style, and is made for everyone who loves and visits the outdoors, including hunters, fishers and their families.

Enquiries: AFN Fishing & Outdoors, tel: (03) 9729 8788. Web:


Iris IM-PTZ-16t thermal imaging camera

Iris IM-PTZ-16t thermal imaging camera

The IM-PTZ-16t is a new addition to the Iris Innovations SeeSeaTV range of marine camera systems. Oceantalk, the authorised distributor for Iris products, has recently introduced the camera to boaters in the southern hemisphere.

Measuring a compact 16cm high and 13cm in diameter, Oceantalk says the miniature IM-PTZ-16t lends itself perfectly to the aesthetically-critical leisure marine market, while packing a punch in terms of high-end features.

Fitted with a high-resolution, uncooled amorphous silicone camera engine, the IM-PTZ-16t boasts five built-in viewing modes to suit environmental conditions, two digital zoom settings (x2 and x4) and a built-in ‘man overboard’ system.

Boasting an IP66 waterproof rating, the IM-PTZ-16t thermal imaging camera offers the power to see in complete darkness and through adverse weather, making it an important addition to onboard safety and security systems.

Enquiries: Oceantalk, tel: (02) 9981 9550. Web:


Gullsweep bird scarer

Gullsweep bird scarer

The maker of this innovative Gullsweep bird scarer says it’s a cost-effective and convenient means of ridding a boat of sea birds and their messy deposits.

As birds are always alert to their predators, Gullsweep creates an unknown fear that the moving object represents a potential danger, and so unwelcome airborne guests move on to settle (and soil) elsewhere.

According to Marine Solutions, the unit deters all marine birds, eliminates cleaning time and unsightly stains, and simply makes the boating experience more enjoyable.

The Gullsweep sweeps a full 1.8m diameter and intimidates birds with each movement. Depending on the size of the vessel, a second or third unit may be required for full boat coverage.

Enquiries: Marine Solutions, tel: (03) 9670 3305. Web:


Explorer inflatable jacket

Explorer inflatable jacket

Marlin Australia says its new Explorer inflatable jacket is designed for boaters, sailors, fishermen, and anyone else who stays active while at sea.

Marlin Australia says the Explorer is lightweight, waterproof, breathable and windproof. The liner on the jacket is a warm non-pill polar fleece. When the weather heats up, the sleeves on the Explorer jacket can also be removed to convert the garment into a vest.

The inflation system utilises a 33g CO2 cylinder with back-up oral inflation should the wearer wish to increase or decrease the amount of air in the jacket.

Each waterproof garment is tested by a hydrostatic head tester to ensure the tape-sealed seams are waterproof before they leave the factory. There is reflective tape on each jacket for easy detection from the air or water.

The Explorer inflatable jacket is a type one (level 100) Personal Flotation Device and is AS1512 approved (Australian Standards). The jacket is available in sizes from XS to XXL. Enquiries: Marlin Australia, tel: (02) 9557 3999. Web: