Broadband 3G Radar

Broadband 3G Radar

Marine electronics company Navico has launched its all-new Broadband 3G Radar.

Offering a 30 per cent increase in both range and target and with twice the RF transmit power of the BR24 at the antenna, Navico claims objects such as small fibreglass boats and channel markers can be seen from a distance of up to 30 per cent further away.

Broadband 3G (along with the BR24) transmits at 1/10,000 the power of typical pulse radars – emitting five times less energy than an average mobile phone – and emits no harmful radiation outside the dome, allowing for flexible installation on a range of vessels.

Compatible with Lowrance’s HDS multifunction displays, Simrad Yachting’s full range of NS navigation systems (NSO Offshore, NSE Expert, and NSS Sport), and B&G’s sailing-specific Zeus, Broadband 3G Radar is suitable for everything from small fishing, sailing and pleasure boats through to large superyachts and commercial vessels.

The recommended retail priced is from $1999.

Enquiries: Navico Australia, tel: (02) 9936 1000. Web:


Lowrance Elite DSI

Lowrance Elite DSI

Marine electronics producer Lowrance has introduced its Elite DownScan Imaging (DSI) sonar series.

Comprising two models – the Elite-5x DSI fishfinder and the Elite-5 DSI fishfinder/chartplotter – the Elite DSI series utilises Lowrance’s DownScan imaging technology, which Lowrance claims offers brilliant displays, smart automatic fishfinder modes and simple, intuitive operation.

Lowrance says the Elite DSI series provides incredible underwater definition in shallow and deep, freshwater or saltwater – including impressive bottom readings at higher boat speeds.

The Elite-5x DSI and Elite-5 DSI feature a new rugged, low-profile, dual-frequency Skimmer transom-mount transducer with built-in temperature sensor that operates at 455kHz for wider and deeper coverage, or at 800kHz for more concentrated scans in shallower conditions with greater target separation.

In addition, DSI models feature Lowrance’s TrackBack function, which allows anglers to scroll backward into sonar history and pinpoint possible fishing hotspots.

Recommended pricing starts from $899 for the Elite-5x DSI and rounds out at $1199 for the Elite-5 DSI combo unit (which includes a Navionics chart).

Enquiries: Navico Australia, tel: (02) 9936 1000. Web:


MotorGuide R3

MotorGuide R3

MotorGuide has released its R3 range of electric transom-mount trolling motors.

The motors are available in 30-, 40-, 45- and 55-pound thrust variations and offer five forward and two reverse speeds, representing a feature not usually seen on electric trolling motors.

The R3 also has a new rugged aluminium-alloy transom mount and an array of features, including the fact that the head is easily reversible to allow back-trolling.

There are numerous mount locations and an extending handle affords ergonomic control.

MotorGuide says the aluminium shaft delivers strength and durability and the solid aluminium and steel lower unit is powder-coated for longer life.

Enquiries: Mercury. Web:


Hyundai SeasAll installation

Hyundai SeasAll installation

Hyundai SeasAll is a corporate venture network of Hyundai-Kia Motors and a dedicated marine engine developer and manufacturer.

The first new build of a Hyundai SeasAll S250 marine diesel was recently installed into an AMF 720 Pro Sport in Tauranga, New Zealand.

The boat, built for a repeat AMF customer, is the first 720 Pro Sport built with a diesel sterndrive.

Brian Collings, of AMF Boats, says the acceleration and power-to-weight ratio of the Hyundai S250 is one of the most impressive attributes of the engine.

“I had a feeling that the engine would be good, but it has definitely exceeded my expectations. There is a lot of useable power right through the rev range, the customer couldn’t be happier,” said Collings.

Currently there are two engine series in the Hyundai SeasAll range, the V6 S-Series and the four-cylinder D-Series, with more engines to join the range later in the year.

Enquiries: Allpower Industries, tel: 1800 776 970.


Vortex engines

Vortex engines

Australian aluminium boat manufacturer Telwater has released Vortex, a new brand of outboard engines to be distributed via its dealer network as part of its boat, motor and trailer packages.

Telwater’s eight-strong brand portfolio consists of Quintrex, Stacer, Savage, Savage Fibreglass, Yellowfin and Archer boats as well as Desert Edge Campertrailers.

The Vortex range currently encompasses over 20 models, including 2.5hp to 40 hp in two-stroke and 15 hp to 25 hp in four-stroke engines, backed by a three-year warranty.

Telwater says each Vortex engine is quality control tested and run for two hours before it leaves the factory to ensure it meets the same high standards it consistently provides customers.

Enquiries: Telwater. Web:


Kroten shoes

Kroten shoes

Active Casual suggests its Kroten shoe represents a soft and light option for the dedicated boatie.

The outsole of the shoe is designed for the water, with air holes for breathability and to let any water out. The combination of EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) and real rubber pads combine to offer slip-resistant grip on all types of decks.

The simple lacing system offers easy entrance and removal and the insole is washable. Active Casual says you will never believe how comfortable these shoes are until you try them on.

The upper is breathable mesh and comes in six colours for girls, and a choice of black or grey for men.

Enquiries: Active Casual, tel: (03) 9817 4000. Web:


Engel MT45FP

Engel MT45FP

Powered by the world renowned ‘Sawafuji Swing Motor’, portable refrigeration company Engel’s MT45FP features a rugged steel casing, steel lid and steel handles, which double as tie down points. A new addition is a built-in, longer-lasting battery life digital temperature read-out.

It comes supplied with both a 12 volt cord that plugs straight into a cigarette lighter socket and a 240 volt lead with three-pin plug, while auto switching removes the need for the user to switch power sources manually.

The MT45FP comes with a three-year warranty and the recommended retail price is $1299.

Enquiries: Engel. Web:


Excel Super Duty

Excel Super Duty

Australian boat and land anchor manufacturer Anchor Right Australia has released its all new Anchor for 2011, the Excel Super Duty. Claimed to be the strongest anchor design ever produced, Anchor Right says this model is aimed at the commercial industry and super yachts.

The anchor has been designed to withstand a variety of bottom types, including mud, sand, gravel and rock, offering superb holding power in all conditions.

Anchor Right specialises in making anchors for all boats and sizes, either galvanised or 316 stainless steel, with applications to suit tinnies right through to 500-tonne vessels and larger, if requested.

Enquiries: Anchor Right, tel: (03) 5968 5014. Web:


Coursemaster CM950

Coursemaster CM950

Australian autopilot specialist, Coursemaster Autopilots has announced the release of its CM950 intelligent autopilot system.

The CM950’s compact, panel-mount control head features a course change knob, simplified progressive menu access and interface with GPS and wind instruments.

Also suitable for commercial vessel installations – both sail and power – from 6m to 40m, Coursemaster suggests the unit offers flexibility of drive options that include linear, hydraulic, rotary and solenoid.

Manufactured in Australia to perform in one of the harshest marine environments in the world, the Coursemaster CM950 autopilot features the rate gyro compass to maximise performance and minimise the effects of roll and pitch, resulting in lower power consumption and enhanced course keeping.

Enquiries: Coursemaster, tel: (02) 9417 7097. Web:


Autoanchor and Garmin integrate

Autoanchor and Garmin integrate

New Zealand-based control systems manufacturer, AutoAnchor has released its black box system, which provides anchoring information direct to the Garmin GMI 10 multi-instrument display, removing the need for a separate console-mounted AutoAnchor unit. AutoAnchor says this simplifies wiring through the boat and improves the look of the console.

Capable of displaying data from multiple remote instrument sensors on one screen, the GMI 10 improves upon traditional installations where marine instruments have their own dedicated display. The result is a streamlined approach to marine instrumentation.

Enquiries: AutoAnchor. Web:


Trailer monitoring system

Trailer monitoring system

Melbourne-based trailer manufacturer, Mackay Trailers says its Multi-Link Bearing Temperature Monitoring System offers users peace of mind during towing trips by displaying continuously updated temperature readings from the trailer’s axle stubs.

The unit is suitable for both single- and tandem-axle trailers, and has four temperature display channels allowing the user to view all four wheel bearing temperatures simultaneously.

Temperature is displayed in degrees on a 16x2 character LCD screen, with momentary backlighting.

Two independent relay/alarm outputs can be set by the user to activate either a warning light or buzzer (both optional) in the event that any of the four bearing temperatures rise above normal operating temperatures. The alarm activation temperature is fully adjustable, meaning that the system can easily be tailored to any size trailer.

Enquiries: Mackay Trailers, tel: (03) 9772 6166 Web:


Encore jacket

Encore jacket

Quality sporting clothing retailer Henri Lloyd has released the latest addition to its ladies’ clothing range, the TP1 Encore.^rHenri Lloyd claims its TP1 fabric is breathable, 100 per cent waterproof and windproof and remains comfortable and quick-drying thanks to a durable water repellent (DWR) finish, which helps shed surface water.

Features include mesh lining, an articulated hood pod with zip-off hood, a shockcord adjustable hem, adjustable external cuffs, secure internal and side pockets, and reflective tape at the back collar.

Available in three colour options (Optical White, Ice Blue or Navy) and sizes 1-5, Henri Lloyd says there is a look to suit everyone.

The jacket has a recommended retail price of $250.

Enquiries: Henri Lloyd. Web: