Volvo Penta Aquamatic Duoprop D6-400/DP

Volvo Penta Aquamatic Duoprop D6-400/DP

Volvo Penta’s six-cylinder D6-400 engine has a common-rail fuel injection system, double overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, turbocharger, compressor, and aftercooler. Volvo says the interaction of these, the large swept volume, and the Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system results in exceptional diesel performance, low emissions and impressive acceleration.

The new ergonomically designed controls of the EVC-D – the latest generation of Volvo’s EVC system – engage smoothly and allow for manoeuvring with fingertip precision in any situation, says Volvo.

Weighing in at 785kg dry, the engine is relatively compact and lightweight, and Volvo says it affords excellent onboard comfort, with low noise and vibration levels.

The common-rail injection system, in combination with electronics and an advanced combustion system, is setting new standards in minimising noxious emissions and particulates, according to Volvo Penta. The engine complies with IMO NOx limits and the emission requirements of EU RCD and US EPA Tier 2.

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RFD Coastal Liferaft

RFD Coastal Liferaft

RFD Australia has announced the launch of the new Coastal Liferaft, which has been specifically designed to meet the stringent ISO 9650-1 standard. The new model is fully tested, certified and approved to meet the new NMSC Coastal specifications.

Available in five sizes and vacuum packed in a compact, vivid-white container, the RFD Coastal range can accommodate from four to 12 people, depending upon the model.

Safety features include a hi-vis orange finish, an insulated floor, large water-ballast pockets and a semi-rigid boarding ramp to aid access from the water. Also included is an EPIRB, an interior and exterior light and a comprehensively stocked emergency equipment pack.

The RFD Coastal Liferaft is available in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-person configurations. The smallest liferaft weighs just 46kg (liferaft and container combined), with the biggest weighing in at 85kg.

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Simrad NSO Offshore

Simrad NSO Offshore

From fishing to cruising to sailing, Simrad says its large-display NSO Offshore navigation system enhances the brand’s complete line-up of performance modules.

Based on the Simrad NSE platform, and available with 25.4cm (10in), 38.1cm (15in) and 48.3cm (19in) displays, the new NSO Offshore system combines a proven software feature set with unique integration and control capabilities.

According to Simrad, professional-level performance is assured thanks to the reliable and rugged NSO Marine Processor, while the all-new OP40 remote keypad delivers ‘NSE-style’ control for up to four networked systems when used in multi-display helms. The NSO Marine Processor has dual DVI video output for easy installation of a remote, repeated display, and the system networks seamlessly with the NSE8 and NSE12.

A simple rotary controller, dedicated chart, sonar and radar keys, and an alphanumeric keypad make using the system easy, says Simrad, whether the NSO Offshore is being employed as a chartplotter, autopilot, broadband radar – or Simrad HD Digital Radar, or as a fishing system with the powerful Broadband Sounder and unique StructureScan modules.

The NSO Offshore is compatible with Simrad’s SonicHub multi-zone audio system and CZone digital switching technology, while iPod, chartplotter and navigation lights can all be controlled from the primary NSO display.

Complete Simrad NSO systems – chartplotter, sonar, radar kits – start at around $14,000.

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Simrad NSO Offshore

Upgraded Mercury portables

Mercury Marine has upgraded its 4, 5 and 6hp portable four-stroke outboards.

Mercury portables now feature a front-mounted shift lever, which Mercury says is easier and more comfortable to use.

To free up valuable space and to make the engines even more portable, Mercury’s 4, 5 and 6hp outboards now all have a 1lt integrated fuel tank, with fuel shut-off. A remote tank connection allows for extended cruising.

Mercury says adding 4in to the tiller handle has improved driver control and hull manoeuvrability and it can be folded down for easy storage.

The new modern cowl designs offer even greater durability, providing better protection for the engine, with an improved lower seal.

Some additional features include the through-prop exhaust system, shallow drive settings, easier starting thanks to an auto decompression release and auto reverse lock.



Finlease finance checklist

Finlease is a specialist finance broker that services predominantly small to medium business clients by financing all manner of business and personal assets from charter boats to cranes, aircraft to fit-outs and all types of property.

With summer around the corner, many prospective boat owners are looking to trade up to a newer, better boat. Finlease recommends that before boaties start fishing for the finance, they should equip themselves correctly and make themselves attractive to prospective financiers so they stand a greater chance of landing the right finance package with the best terms.

According to Finlease, it is more important than ever to make sure a finance application is handled professionally, with all the information the financier needs presented correctly. It suggests a slip-up can result in a finance refusal, which can torpedo the chances of returning for a second attempt.

Finlease advises to get the finance in place early in the piece. It recommends setting a price for a hypothetical boat, and getting the application in and approved before going shopping. Then, when that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity turns up, you’re in a stronger position to negotiate.

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Hyundai SeasAll diesels

Hyundai SeasAll diesels

Allpower Marine has released details of two new Hyundai SeasAll diesel models, the U125 and the H420, expanding the range from the 170hp and 250hp engines already available.

The inline four-cylinder U125 is the smallest engine in the range and is rated at 125hp at 4000rpm. It will be available in inboard, jet and stern drive configurations. The engine displaces 1582cc (nominally a 1.6lt engine) and achieves maximum torque of 260Nm at 1900rpm.

Allpower Marine Business Development Manager, Mark Harrison says the new U125 is a great addition to the current Hyundai SeasAll model range. “The base engine, which was developed and produced by Hyundai Kia Automotive, has Hyundai’s modern common-rail design and delivers smooth running, low emissions and excellent fuel economy,” he said.

The H420 produces 420hp at 1800rpm and delivers 1961Nm of torque from 1100rpm. The 9960cc (nominally 10lt) in-line six-cylinder features a fully electronic fuel management system and electronic unit injectors.

Allpower Marine suggests the H420 will appeal to commercial users as well as the motor-yacht and passage-maker markets. The new models will be available for sale in Australia and New Zealand late 2011 and will meet RCD and EPA Tier 3 emission regulations.

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GME Stainless Steel Antenna Base and Whips

GME Stainless Steel Antenna Base and Whips

GME has expanded its marine antenna range with the ABL016 stainless steel antenna base, plus various whips with stainless steel ferrules to suit.

The ABL016 antenna base is made from marine-grade stainless steel and has a double swivel configuration. It has the same footprint as GME’s previous rectangular-base antennas and comes with two rubber angled wedges for installation on sloping decks.

All antenna bases in the GME range come with unique colour coding tabs that identify which whip should be attached to which base, taking the confusion out of replacing whips.

According to GME, these new antenna bases are compatible with any of the 27MHz, VHF or broadcast whips, which are available in 1.8m (6ft) or 2.4m (8ft) lengths. GME says replacement of broken or damaged whips is simply a case of unscrewing the old whip and screwing in a new one.

All GME marine antenna whips are manufactured in Sydney.

Enquiries: GME, tel: (02) 9844 6666. Web:


Raymarine e7 multifunction display

Raymarine e7 multifunction display

Marine electronics manufacturer, Raymarine has launched its e7 multifunctional display (MFD), which it says is the world’s first 7in MFD to provide networking with up to six displays plus accessories.

According to Raymarine, the e7 is a MFD networking wonder, offering Wi-Fi streaming to iPhones and iPads. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, the user can control the e7 via the optional RCU-3 remote control unit, which can be mounted on a boat’s steering wheel or used as an independent handheld device.

The e7 screen has a special Sport Optic coating designed to combat the ‘blackout’ effect experienced when viewing screens at an angle through polarised sunglasses.

Specifically adapted for fishermen, Raymarine says its e7D incorporates built-in HD digital sonar, targeting fish and depicting bottom contours and structure with amazing clarity. The e7D can also be connected to through-hull or in-hull transom transducers. Both the e7 and e7D have a 48-channel, high sensitivity internal GPS and are available with Navionics ready-to-navigate coastal or inland charts supplied on microSD cards.

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The Ozbrero

The Ozbrero

Experienced pearl diver and Top End guide, Chris Cooke has designed the ‘Ozbrero’, a special hat designed to take the sting out of the Australian sun and provide its wearers with comfort and protection.

Cooke says the Ozbrero was designed specifically for Australia’s outdoor lifestyle and is ideal for fishing, camping, boating and generally surviving our harsh summers.

It is based on an ancient Peruvian design that Cooke stumbled on and he’s put it through plenty of testing during his time as a local guide in the Kimberley.

The Ozbrero is available in three colours (green, brown or tan) and is priced at $39.90.

Enquiries: Ozbrero, tel: 0417 276 666. Web:


Fusion high-output amp

Fusion high-output amp

Fusion Electronics has released its new high-power MS-DA51600 five-channel marine amplifier.

Output power is 1600 watts, for the full home-theatre experience in a motor yacht, trailer or wake boat.

According to Fusion, it developed hi-fi D-class digital amplification to produce superlative output power while delivering high efficiency, with no cooling fan and low battery drain. Environment-resistant to marine standards, the Fusion amplifier delivers high-power sound to numerous loudspeakers, plus a subwoofer.

Under the polished stainless steel cover is a wide range of adjustable one-time pre-sets for tuning the amplifier to the entertainment system. The pre-sets enable adjustment of LPF (Low Pass Frequency) or HPF (High Pass Frequency), while a bass boost in the subwoofer channel adjusts from 0dB to 12dB. A level pre-set is provided for all channels.

Outputs are subwoofer plus four speaker channels for front and rear sound. RCA line-level inputs are included, for easy connection to new or existing systems.

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Yamaha upgrades Yamaha upgrades

Yamaha upgrades

Yamaha Motor Australia recently announced the release of two updated engines. Yamaha’s four-stroke F115 and F200 engines have both undergone changes, which Yamaha says make these engines more powerful and efficient than ever before.

The F115A features a new, long-track intake system, with a single throttle valve and a resonator to improve throttle response. Yamaha says updated features include reshaped combustion chambers, a new knock sensor (which provides protection from poor fuel as well as improving combustion efficiency) and new materials to achieve lighter weight.

The F200C will replace the current F200A. Variable camshaft timing (VCT) increases low- and mid-range torque without compromising on maximum output and top-end performance, according to Yamaha.

The F200C features a single throttle valve that is controlled electronically by the engine’s ECM. Yamaha claims this enables precise control over the intake of air, which is routed into each combustion chamber through the surge tanks and the long intake manifold for greater power. Long intake manifolds are designed to increase air flow and work in harmony with the F200C’s variable camshaft timing to boost low- and mid-range torque and achieve quicker acceleration.

As part of Yamaha’s ongoing commitment to the environment, both the F115A and F200C are rated as three-star, ultra-low-emission engines.

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Created in the Netherlands three years ago and now available in Australia, the Fastfender attachment tool provides boaties with a quick and easy way to fasten their fenders to their rails.

Fastfender fits on railings, tubes, steel wire and handrails up to 40mm in diameter and is suitable for fender lines of between 8mm and 14mm.

Fastfender is made from a carbon-based material and is lightweight, durable and resistant to saltwater and UV rays.

According to DJH Industries, the authorised agent in Australia, the swift attachment and removal system means fender height can be adjusted effortlessly and fenders can be stowed conveniently.

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