Raymarine thermal cameras

Raymarine thermal cameras

Raymarine has launched its new TH24 and TH32 thermal cameras.

The compact, hand-held cameras are lightweight and easy to use, giving boaters the power to see clearly for up to a kilometre, even in total darkness.

The TH series uses thermal imaging, rather than light to create an image, so that objects show up through the thermal energy they emit. Using FLIR thermal imaging technology, Raymarine says the cameras allow users to see landmarks, bridge abutments, rocks, buoys, floating debris, other vessels and people clearly in complete darkness.

With a simple three-button operation and built-in LED task light, Raymarine says the cameras are easy to use when on the move. An internal rechargeable battery provides power.

There are three thermal image modes: ‘white-hot’, ‘black-hot’ and ‘red-hot’. The TH24 has a range of up to 895m for sizeable objects such as a vessel, and up to 320m for an object, such as a person, in the water.

The TH32 features a 2x digital zoom capability and has an extended range of vision of up to 1.23km for vessels and up to 450m for objects or people in the water.

Enquiries: www.raymarine.com


Okanui’s lizard line

Okanui’s lizard line

Okanui Classics is one of Australia’s iconic beachwear labels, famous for its traditional 100 per cent cotton Hibiscus boardshorts.

This summer’s collection includes a wildlife-themed range called Gecko. Not surprisingly, it features a variety of gecko lizards and is available in a range of colour combinations.

Enquiries: www.okanui.com


Barz Optics Floater

Barz Optics Floater

Gold Coast-based sunglass manufacturer, Barz Optics has added to its range of marine-specific eyewear with the release of the Floater model.

Barz Optics says that, unlike some other brands, Floaters float in even the most turbulent waters.

Available in gloss carbon fibre with grey trim, matt tortoise shell with tan trim and matt grey with green apple trim frame options, the dual-moulded frames have a padded nose piece and are, according to the manufacturer, extremely comfortable to wear.

Lens options include acetate polarised, acetate polarised photochromic, polycarbonate polarised, polycarbonate polarised with bifocal readers and Barz Optics’ new NXT polarised photochromic lenses. The photochromic lens lightens to Cat 2 in overcast conditions and darkens to Cat3 in full sun. Floaters can also be fitted with prescription lenses.

Enquires: www.barzoptics.com


FUSION 700 Series

Marine electronics specialist, FUSION has released its new 700 Series entertainment system.

FUSION 700 Series

The new system offers stand-alone features for trailer boats and an abundance of expandability in big boats, like iPad wireless control.

FUSION 700 Series

FUSION-Link software enables a compatible Multifunction Display (MFD) to become the Entertainment Control Centre. Skippers use the MFD large screen to control one or more 700 Series audiovisual systems with four speaker zones each. Now FUSION’s head unit can be installed elsewhere, if there is no available space at the helm.

Boat Builders and owners will especially appreciate wiring is considerably reduced, as FUSION head units and remotes connect to, and communicate through NMEA 2000 Bus or Ethernet.

The 700 Series can also be controlled anywhere on a boat, using iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or PC and Android products. FUSION says no other marine entertainment system has so many connectivity and control options.

The 700 Series will operate stand-alone in smaller boats, using the inbuilt colour display. Optional wired remotes and amplifiers are easily added, plus both models are True Marine certified waterproof to IPx5.

Users can also enjoy independent control of volume and subwoofers in four listening zones. For example, low volume can be set in the saloon, whilst loud music livens the party in the aft of the boat.

To discover the many other features of the 700 Series, go to: www.fusionelectronics.com


Versadock modular floats

Versadock modular floats Versadock modular floats

UK-based Versadock International, manufacturer of innovative modular dock and pontoon systems, has launched an improved range of modular floats.

Offering its customers complete docking systems to include various float designs, colour options and a range of accessories, Versadock says it has significantly increased the strength of many of its existing products. The Double Float and Double Low Float products have been strengthened across the centre and have a new, stronger design for all connecting lugs.

Versadock has also produced an entirely new Heavy Duty range of floats for the industrial, military and beach-resort markets.

Enquires: www.versadock.com.au


Venti20 summer specs

Venti20 summer specs

This summer boaters who rely on reading glasses to view their electronic displays have a new cheaper option. The Venti20 range of compact reading glasses is the brainchild of the director of Bavaria Sports Boats, Ralph Hogg, who, like many of his boating friends, was in need of a cheap option when it came to reading glasses while out on the water.

The PocketBlade is about the size of a pen, with arms that rotate to protect the lenses when closed. A case is not required and they are designed to fit easily into a pocket, tackle box or lady’s purse.

The PocketFlex is super-light and comfortable, according to Hogg, and is also UV-protective. It offers a tinted option for reading in bright conditions and is flexible enough to fit in a pocket or in its own microsuede bag.

For stockists, visit: www.venti20.com


Quick by Mercury

Quick by Mercury

Mercury Marine’s range of fuel treatment products, Quickare, Quickleen and Quickstor, have been specifically designed to protect engines and enhance performance.

Unlike many automotive treatments, Mercury Marine says the improved formulas in all three specialised marine additive products have been expressly created to suit the harsh marine environment and enhance engine protection.

Quickare keeps fuel fresh and is added to every fill-up to maximise performance and minimise corrosion and deposits. Quickleen is used during boating to help clean and protect the engine. It removes carbon deposits and prevents engine knocking and piston seizure. Quickstor is added to fuel before storing or when the engine is not being used for extended periods, preventing regular and ethanol-blended fuel from breaking down and oxidising.

Enquiries: www.mercurymarine.com.au


Honda BF250

Honda BF250

Honda has revealed details of its new BF250 outboard engine, which is scheduled for delivery to Australia early 2012.

The BF250 combines a new 3.6lt V6 EFI engine with the world’s first direct air induction system in an outboard. The system is designed to reduce intake air temperature and increase air volume to the engine – delivering outstanding overall performance and fuel economy, according to Honda.

Incorporating technologies such as BLAST, ECOmo and VTEC, the BF250 features a high-performance gear case, which the manufacturer says enhances hydrodynamic efficiency. Combined with a new gear reduction ratio of 2:1, Honda says the engine delivers even greater allround performance, beyond an increase in horsepower.

Shifting effort is further enhanced by the introduction of a new Shifting Load Reduction control system. The Engine Control Unit modifies the ignition timing, resulting in reduced engine torque to lessen the shift load required for the engine to change gear.

The battery charging system allows the BF250 to handle increasing consumer demand for additional onboard electrical power. At idle, a new Adjustable Idle Charge system automatically adjusts the engine speed to raise the charging rate when an increased electrical load is detected.

Backed by Honda’s five-year warranty, the BF250 is NMEA2000 compliant, allowing engine-to-electronics data communication to deliver engine management and performance data to compatible marine electronics displays.

Further information: www.honda.com.au


Rick Huckstepp’s Boating Basics

Rick Huckstepp’s Boating Basics

First-time boaters can sometimes be daunted by their inexperience and lack of boating skills. Long-time Club Marine contributor, Rick Huckstepp aims to help them through the new boater minefield with the release of his new Rick Huckstepp’s Boating Basics DVD.

Huckstepp offers plenty of advice and demonstrations on a range of boating operations, from launching and retrieval to safe boat handling out on the water.

Boating Basics is one of a series of DVDs under the banner of Rick Huckstepp’s How To … and is intended to circumvent much of the time and effort that will be taken up attempting to learn the many skills for safe, economical and practical boating. Although there can be no substitute for experience on the water, Huckstepp says this presentation will help improve skills sooner rather than later.

Enquiries: www.huckfish.com.au


Leatherman Bonus Pack

Leatherman Bonus Pack

Electronics specialist, GME has combined with multi-tool maker, Leatherman to offer a “Bonus Pack” in the lead up to Christmas.

Up to December 31, GME will package a Leatherman Wingman multi-tool, valued at $59, with its highly-popular white GX600 VHF radio.

The Wingman is a new release from Leatherman, boasting 14 practical tools, for jobs around the home, or on the boat. Tools include patented one-hand opening and newly-designed spring action pliers, wire strippers, combination knife and screwdrivers, with all contained in a lightweight stainless steel body, complete with a handy belt loop holster.

For more information, go to: www.gme.net.au or contact your nearest GME marine retailer.