Furuno TZ Touch


Furuno has introduced Time Zero Touch and suggests TZ is the next generation in multifunction touch-screen navigation technology.

Available in a 9in or 14.1in full glass, LED backlit and bonded widescreen display, Furuno says TZ Touch is a clean and stylish installation coupled with superb brightness.

TZ Touch has four modes of user interface, the primary mode being touch. Furuno claims TZ Touch is the marine industry's first multi-touch-equipped technology.

Featuring pinch-to-zoom capability, two-finger course rotation and multi- and single-touch gestures, it offers an intuitive user interface.

Furuno says touch-screen smartphone and tablet users will easily familiarise themselves with the look and feel of the Furuno TZ Touch. It allows for iPhone and iPad interface and can also be controlled via traditional means using the trademark Furuno Roto Key rotary for adjustments to range and gain, or to access multiple menu selections.

Enquiries: www.furuno.com/au


Mercury lubricants

Mercury lubricants

Mercury Marine has released a range of specialised oils and lubricants specifically formulated for the unique needs of marine engines.

Mercury Precision Lubricants are blended specifically to protect engines from the often harsh conditions of the marine environment.

The range covers several categories: Verado oils; two-stroke oils; four-stroke oils; OptiMax oils; stern drive and inboard oils and gear lubes.

Mercury Precision Lubricants are available through authorised Mercury dealers. To find your nearest dealer, go to: www.mercurymarine.com.au


ULI Paddle Boards

ULI Paddle Boards

Innovation Water Sports has added ULI Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards to its range of products and says this is the perfect toy to take along on a boat or an inexpensive way to get out on the water.

Designed and made in California, USA, ULI Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are lightweight and easy to store, and can be inflated in six to eight minutes with a hand pump or even faster with an electric pump. Once inflated, they're rigid and sturdy but will not damage fibreglass - so no more dings on the duckboard.

The range includes boards from surf paddle boards to calm water boards that can be enjoyed by one or two adult paddlers. A three-piece paddle is also available for easy storage.

Enquiries: www.innovationwatersports.com


San Juan sunnies

San Juan sunnies

Gold Coast-based sunglass manufacturer, Barz Optics has released its San Juan floating sunglasses.

Fitted with high-tech frames moulded in three parts, Barz Optics says the San Juan will float even in the most turbulent water.

The frame's first two components are sonic welded to create air cells before being placed back into the injection moulder, where the Sanaprene non-slip components are attached.

The high-wrap frame gives great protection from the side, eliminating glare, wind and spray while allowing great peripheral vision.

San Juan sunglasses come in a range of triacetate polarised and polycarbonate polarised lenses. Made with and without photochromic lenses that darken in sunlight, Barz Optics also offers variations with integrated bifocal readers and prescription lenses.

For further information and to order: www.barzoptics.com


Autostream propellers

Autostream propellers

Seahawk's range of Autostream stainless steel sailboat propellers includes a self-feathering series, which is constructed using 316- and 2507- grade stainless steel and comes with a five-year warranty.

The propellers feature external pitch adjustment, which can be performed underwater and doesn't require any dismantling; independent forward and reverse pitch adjustment; replaceable bearings throughout and seals throughout to retain grease and ensure correct lubrication. Assembly screws are lock-wired and the sacrificial anode has a stainless steel core to give maximum protection against electrolysis.

The Autostream is rated to 80hp and sizes range from 38.1cm (15in) to 50.8cm (20in) diameter. The sail drive models suit Volvo, Yanmar and Bukh engines and have a fail-proof cushion hub.

Enquiries: www.seahawk.com.au


Crewsaver PFD

Crewsaver PFD

Survitec Group has added the Crewsaver brand of lifejackets and PFDs to its product range.

The Crewfit 190N is a stylish, lightweight and robust recreational sports lifejacket that fits like a second skin. Rated to 190N, this lifejacket carries more buoyancy than other 150N-rated PFDs in the same category, says the manufacturer.

Offering enhanced flotation capability for use in the most demanding environments, the Crewfit 290N is useful when wearing foul-weather gear and equipment.

According to the manufacturer, both the Crewfit 190N and 290N exceed ISO 12402 requirements and both are available as manual-inflating or auto-inflating models.

Optimised righting performance ensures the wearer is quickly turned up the right way when in water, while the curved outer shaping and neck design help lift the head and angle it correctly.

Features such as 3D tailoring, a fully adjustable waistbelt, a mesh-panelled padded back, dual side adjusters, stainless steel buckles (on harness models) and dual, fully adjustable, high strength crutch straps make these lifejackets comfortable to wear and simple to don.

Enquiries: www.rfd.com.au


MerCruiser 383 MAG‎

MerCruiser 383 MAG‎

MerCruiser says its new 383 MAG Inboard 4V is the perfect engine to replace a 5.7lt or 7.4lt classic inboard.

The 383 MAG comes in standard and opposite rotation versions, which MerCruiser says makes it an ideal repower option for many boat owners as there's no need to install a new transmission.

MerCruiser says this remanufactured engine is powerful and lightweight and delivers 340hp and more torque than other standard 7.4lt big-block engines, while weighing some 70kg less.

All MerCruiser remanufactured engines come with a one-year factory-backed limited warranty.

Enquiries: www.mercurymarine.com.au


Raymarine apps

Raymarine apps

Raymarine has launched a new series of apps which enable users to control third-generation e Series and c Series multifunction displays wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet.

Called RayRemote and RayControl, the new apps are available for Apple iOS, Android and Kindle Fire operating systems.

RayControl transforms tablets into both a viewer and a full-function two-way control. The tablet syncs with the multifunction display, allowing users to touch the tablet screen to control the MFD (Multi Function Device) in the same way as operating the MFD directly. It features a 'pop-out' virtual keypad mirroring the multifunction display's rotary controller and hard keys.

RayRemote is for use on smartphones, switching their smaller screens between a full-screen MFD repeater display and a full-screen virtual keypad with just a tap of the display. The complete virtual keypad mimics the functions found on the multifunction display.

Both apps can be purchased at the Apple iTunes App store, Google Play Store for Android, and through the Amazon Android Marketplace.

Raymarine e Series and c Series owners can connect their MFDs to Raymarine mobile apps by upgrading their MFD to v3.15 software, available as a free download at www.raymarine.com.au


VuPlex plastic cleaner‎

VuPlex plastic cleaner‎

PCM Distributors has added VuPlex to its range of products and says it's an easy and effective way to clean, protect and polish all clear and coloured plastics.

The distributor says VuPlex is ideal for cleaning and maintaining plastic surfaces such as boat clears on a canopy or bimini; motorcycle visors; acrylic or vinyl windows on a caravan; outdoor cafe vinyl blinds; electronic devices or even around the home.

VuPlex cleans using safe ingredients that won't damage plastic surfaces, says PCM. It applies a fine coating of wax that protects the surface from micro scratching and acts as a barrier against conditions that can cause aging and a breakdown of clarity.

According to PCM, VuPlex's anti-static properties control static that can build up in the plastic's surface and attract abrasive material such as dust. The surface can be polished to a high shine, restoring a 'new look' lustre. The finish is not sticky or greasy.

Enquiries: www.pcmdistributors.com.au


Tonic Eyewear‎

Tonic Eyewear‎

Drawing on over two decades' experience with optics, Tonic Eyewear says it has developed high-quality coated lenses which dramatically cut glare and eyestrain.

Tonic's unique de-centred VistaView lens technology enables distortion-free viewing at any angle, according to the manufacturer, while a MultiCut full-spectrum anti-reflective coating on the back of the lens cuts bounceback glare.

With scratch-resistant polarised glass lenses, comfortable lightweight frames and resistance to saltwater, the glasses are designed for fatigue-free, all-day vision in even the fiercest glare, according to Tonic.

Available in six wraparound styles in black and tortoiseshell coloured frames, Tonic sunglasses have a unique Copper Camo tint, with a no-cost Grey option. Tonic also offers optional polycarbonate lenses.

Tonic says it can also produce custom-made prescription sunglasses, with all the benefits of Tonic's regular glasses.

Enquiries: www.toniceyewear.com.au


Volvo Penta V8-380

Volvo Penta V8-380

Volvo Penta has launched its V8-380 marine engine and says it meets the new EPA Tier 3 requirements by a broad margin.

The V8-380 engine package is compact and light, weighing around 100kg less than other engines in the same class, according to Volvo Penta. At the same time, the engine is heavy-duty, fuel- and oil-efficient and, thanks to the new catalytic converter, emission levels have been substantially lowered, it claims.

The engine is equipped with VVT (Variable Valve Timing) technology, which Volvo Penta says optimises torque at low revs, while maximising power at high rpms, resulting in faster acceleration, increased top speed and smoother, better response in the mid-range.

The V8-380 has a protected exhaust system made of aluminium to reduce weight and an optimised exhaust flow for improved performance. The engine and exhaust system are cooled with glycol.

The V8-380 is fully integrated with Volvo Penta's EVC electronic platform and is easy to install, according to the manufacturer.

Enquiries: www.volvopenta.com.au


Undertow Sea Scooter

Undertow Sea Scooter

The Australian distributor for the Undertow Sea Scooter, JR Nautical, says this is a powerful underwater propulsion vehicle that is safe and reliable.

The Undertow is perfect for recreational exploring, snorkelling and scuba diving, in the pool or at the beach. The Undertow is simple to use and suitable for amateurs and professionals alike, suggests the manufacturer, and says no license or registration is required.

Supplied complete with battery, battery charger and carry bag, the Undertow has a powerful 300W electric motor, two-speed variable transmission and a rechargeable battery. It can travel up to 6km depending on tides and load current, and can travel to a depth of 30m.

It includes an adjustable buoyancy system, a safety lanyard point and is available in red, blue or yellow. The Undertow comes with a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Enquiries: www.jrnautical.com.au