The perfect boat … almost

Kevan Wolfe | VOLUME 27, ISSUE 2

When Barry and Toni wanted their ideal boat, they started with an Integrity 330 Sedan …

If you’ll pardon the pun, Barry and Toni Heaps have had heaps of boats. Barry started out sailing VJs and over some 45 years the well-known Sanctuary Cove (Gold Coast) couple has owned some 30 different boats, from sailing yachts to sports boats and cruisers, at one time or other.

The Heaps’ last boat was a sterndrive sports boat and, according to Barry, it wasn’t exactly the ideal boat for their needs. “Boating is supposed to be stress-free and relaxing,” said Barry. “The sports boat wasn’t.”

So the boating enthusiasts looked around for a boat that would be just that – stress-free and relaxing. They wanted a craft that they could use on the Gold Coast’s Broadwater as well as Moreton Bay to the north, plus something they could take for the occasional run further up the coast.

After spending some time overseas researching and looking around, still nothing stood out. Eventually, they found what they were looking for – the Integrity 330 Sedan – right in their own backyard in the Sanctuary Cove marina.

Integrity Motor Yachts, operated by principal, Brett Flannagan and national sales manager, Peter Hill, is based at Sanctuary Cove. The boats they market are built under supervision by Jianghua Marine at Zhuhai, about an hour’s boat ride out of Hong Kong.

The Integrity 330 is a newer version of the 320, which proved to be one of the stars of the 2011 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

Barry and Toni liked the trawler-style hull of the 330; it has a lot of room and, with its deep keel and protected propeller and rudders, it was ideal for use on the Broadwater. As anyone who has spent any time cruising the Gold Coast waterway will know, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, it is only a matter of time before you find one of the many sand banks that have built up because of government neglect and indifference.

“With the protected rudder and prop, it is just a matter of backing up and driving off,” explained Barry.


The main cabin of the 330 was laid out in the same way as the 320, but Barry and Toni could see a different layout working. They pooled their vast experience with the Integrity team and completely redesigned the area.

The galley has been moved aft and replaced by a dinette with a hi-low table that converts to a bed next to the helm position. This is a clever idea and by installing hopper windows instead of the aft cabin bulkhead and door, it opens up the whole boat from the companionway to the sleeping accommodation right through to the cockpit. Toni can prepare food in the galley, which features a double sink and corian workspace, and still talk with the guests in the cockpit. The galley rubbish bin installation has been borrowed from a much bigger boat. It can also be accessed from a door off the walkway, so that there is no need to carry a brimming bin though the cabin.

Brett’s wife, Brenda can be forgiven for adding just a little touch of decadence with the Noritake china dinner set.

The Heaps have chosen traditional teak and holly cabin soles and have gone for a lighter cheery oak wood fitout over the normal teak. This is complemented with an off-white leatherette trim.

A hopper window opens up the galley and the original door is replaced with another hopper window that folds down to a sliding stable door. It makes good use of the big hull to provide a seamless walk-through up to the helm position.

The cockpit can be enclosed, so it’s still usable in unsociable weather, and when the boat is anchored head-to-wind, there are zippered clears stopping the wind funneling down the side decks into the cockpit. There are also those times on the Broadwater when a boat is anchored into the tide and the wind is blowing over the stern. The cockpit covers work well in this situation, too.

The helm position is set up to Barry’s design. He has taken products he likes from various electronics manufacturers and integrated them, the result being a Raymarine ST6002 autopilot linked to a Garmin 750 GPS. Also installed are Quick TCD 1042 bow and stern thrusters and a Quick windlass. I’m guessing the stainless steel wheel is a legacy of Barry’s yachting days. The Morse controls complete the picture.

The sleeping accommodation, except for the lighter timberwork and leatherette trim, has been left standard. And the only addition to the head compartment on the starboard side and the shower compartment on the port side are the yacht-style teak grates on the floor, which give a firm grip underfoot when wet.

The 330 is powered by a John Deere 150hp four-cylinder single diesel that turns a four-bladed propeller.


“I don’t know how much fuel it uses, but it is so economical,” reported Barry. “After some 30 hours running, I still haven’t had to refill the 1150lt tank.”

Barry admits that the 330 is no race boat. “We didn’t want a speed boat, but it’s so easy to drive and chugs along at eight knots (15km/h) easily. You don’t go a long way at that speed, but it’s pleasant getting there.”

Underway, the boat is very stable and sits very flat. When a sports boat went past at speed with a big wash out the back, we didn’t even notice it.

Barry and Toni used all their experience and ideas from a number of other boats that they had owned and incorporated them into one boat. And bearing in mind there is no such thing as a perfect boat, this one comes pretty close.

“When the boat arrived in Brisbane and was craned into the water, we didn’t know quite what to expect,” said Barry. “But after the six-hour run down to Sanctuary Cove, we were delighted – it was all we expected.”

The Integrity team was impressed, too – so much so that the same layout will be now be offered in subsequent production 330s.

And Barry and Toni are now already looking at applying their same cruiser template to the bigger Integrity 360.

Length: 10.06m
Beam: 9.14m
Draft: 1.1m
Displacement: 7000kg
Fuel capacity: 1150lt
Water capacity: 600lt
Max speed: 12 knots/22km/h
Price (as tested): $349,000
Base price: $299,000
For more information: Integrity Motor Yachts, tel 1300 798 735, web: