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Chris Beattie | VOLUME 31, ISSUE 3
The word ‘versatile’ is so widely applied to trailerboats nowadays
No matter what you want it to do, Streaker’s updated Sirocco 6100 is one of the all-time great Aussie all-rounders.

Let me state unequivocally right here and now that the Streaker Sirocco 6100 is supremely unsuited to cyclonic conditions, tsunamis, arctic waters and boulder-strewn, white water rapids and I would not recommend anyone who planned to expose themselves to these unforgiving environments to purchase one.

But if your boating activities are generally confined to where most sane people spend time enjoying themselves on the water, then I heartily recommend you read on …

The term ‘versatile’ is so widely applied to trailerboats nowadays, maybe it’s time the marine industry trademarked it. Go to any boat show and you’ll see all manner of craft described thus, and to a larger or lesser extent they most certainly do deserve the moniker.

Whether it’s a fishing boat that can also be a platform for family fun, or a cruiser that boasts a few rodholders, invariably the sales pitch will use the ‘V-word’ somewhere.

But some boats embrace the many and varied roles of the family boat better than others and one of the best all-rounders I’ve come across lately would have to be Streaker’s Sirocco 6100.


Having undergone a recent upgrade and refresher, with new upholstery and all-new composite reinforcement within the hull, I thought it was time to put Streaker’s most popular model through its paces.

The Sirocco shares fundamentally the same hull with the Navigator and Bluewater models in the Streaker Boats range. With its fine entry, flared bow, angled chines and multiple strakes, it’s been a favourite of boaties for many a year, most notably for its ride, dryness and stability.

It also boasts a nice, deep cockpit, with tall coamings and plenty of freeboard, so it’s a dry boat and safe for the littlies.

One of the first models out of the mould after the recent purchase of Melbourne-based Streaker Boats by the Brisbane manufacturers of CruiseCraft boats, the Nichols family, it embodies a couple of subtle shifts, with no timber now anywhere in the boat as well as some cosmetic updates in the cockpit furnishings and surfaces.

Fundamental to the 6100, which has a 5700 sibling in the range, is its open, easy layout. From its generous rear boarding platforms, to its luxuriant forward-cockpit lounge, it invites people to enjoy their time on the water in comfort.


And it allows you to switch pretty much seamlessly between activities, with everything you need already aboard.

For instance, if boarding or towsports are your thing, simply sling the gear into the spacious central ski locker that runs from the cockpit through to the bow, slide the tow pole into the transom, spin the observer’s seat around and away you go.

Or maybe you just want a quiet day in a secluded bay with some refreshments, your significant other and some relaxing music. Easy. Pop on the bimini, slot in the cockpit table, sling in the portable ‘cocktail lounge’, drop the ground tackle and plug the iPod into the Fusion stereo.

And when the big ones are biting, throw the cockpit and cocktail lounges into the garage, fold up the bimini, break out the rods, slot in the bait table and rig up!

This is a boat that really does versatility like few others.

Some other features worth pointing out include the handy slide-out ladder on the port boarding platform, the portable cocktail lounge, which also doubles as a storage bin, generous lined side pockets, quality comfortable bolstered bucket seats, well laid-out dash and excellent visibility from the helm, quality carpeted interior, storage spaces everywhere, recessed cleats, flush rodholders, large underfloor icebox and a fair dinkum anchorwell and bowsprit.


In other words, the people who designed and built this boat know a thing or two and the result is a boat that I, and a few boating mates, found almost impossible to fault.

Performance was right up there, too. Over the two days we played with the Sirocco, we experienced varied conditions, from challenging 1.5m Port Phillip slop to glass-smooth perfection on the bay’s southern waters.

It proved exceptional in terms of ride, dryness, stability and confidence-inspiring agility. I’d have to say I’ve experienced softer rides in choppier water, but the Sirocco didn’t jar or slam – firm is how I’d describe it.

But with the 200 Yam out the back, performance was sportscar-like, with a wide open throttle figure of a tad under 49 knots (90km/h), which is plenty respectable for a boat of its size. Of course, not many people are going to push the envelope to such an extent and, at more sedate and sensible velocities, the Sirocco proved a stable and comfortable platform.

Ideal cruising pace was around 29.7 knots (55km/h), which translated to around 4000rpm, consuming 28lt/h.

From-the-factory boat-motor-trailer packages are now available from other Streaker dealers and include Mercury engines and Easytow trailers.

The Sirocco comes with a generously sized 184lt fuel tank. Options include the two-tone paint scheme as shown, front and side clears, a drop-in door for the cockpit walk-through and a Stress Free anchor winch.

I can also vouch for the fact that the Sirocco does not scare fish, as we even managed to pull a few bay salmon to the boat with little effort.

Towing was effortless, too, due to the quality Easytow tandem trailer, complete with alloy wheels and LED lights.

For families who vary their boating activities and like to indulge in everything from fishing, to towsports, diving, cruising or simply messing about in boats, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better boat. The Sirocco 6100 is a polished, stylish, well-finished and proven package that won’t disappoint anyone who has the V-word front of mind when looking for their next boat.


LOA: 6.1m

Beam: 2.49m

Weight: 1600kg

Power as tested: 200hp Yamaha F200 four-stroke

Fuel capacity: 184lt

Capacity: 7 adults

Price from: $78,799

Price as tested: $79,999

More information: Streaker Marine, tel: (03) 9729 8288. Web: