Junket to Jervis
A haven for fishing, boating and lovers of the great outdoors, Jervis Bay was also almost the site of Australia’s first nuclear power station. Really.
Bass on the boil
Only a short drive from Brisbane, Moogerah and Maroon lakes offer dawn-to-dusk bass action.
Dynamic Daly
We venture to the Northern Territory to fish the remote, but productive waters where the Daly River meets the ocean.
Meandering to Marion
Looking for a trailerboat destination away from the madding crowd? Then follow the signs to South Australia’s Marion Bay.
Mack attack
The Mackerel Islands are one of the West’s best-kept secrets. Tucked away in the Pilbara region, they’re loaded with line-burning sportsfish … if you can get past the ‘locals’.
Six times the fun
There’s so much more to fishing than just catching the biggest fish … it’s also about the places it takes you and the challenge of hooking up.
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Club Marine Trailer Trips - Gladstone

Dean Miller and the Club Marine crew are in the port of Gladstone. Some say it's the engine room of Queensland. It's also at the doorstep of the Southern Great Barrier Reef in the Capricorn and Bunker Group. Some of the iconic destinations here include Lady Elliot Island, Lady Musgrave Island, Herron Island and North West Island. The crew fished North West Island and landed some tuskies, red throat and cobia. Greg Haines even whipped up some bread-crumbed cobia! Not far from Gladstone is Lake Awonga, one of the best sportsfishing impoundments in the world.
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