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Collision Avoidance
Going boating and not sure how to avoid a collision? Applying the rules is a good start …
Boat Licences – All You Need To Know
We take a state-by-state look at who needs a boat licence and what it takes to get one.
Back to Basics
Doug King has a few tips to pass on for learner and experienced boaties when it comes to common errors.
Keeping A Clean Bottom
Antifouling – not as much fun as tinkering with the engine or polishing the chrome, but a vital maintenance task nonetheless.
How EPIRBs and PLBs Work | Club Marine Insurance
Should an emergency occur in a remote location, an EPIRB or PLB can be the best – and sometimes only – way to alert rescue organisations.
Shock Tactics
The seven deadly sins for boat electrical systems.
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Maritimo - Big Things Ahead
Dom Wiseman is taking an inside look at Maritimo headquarters on the Gold Coast to see what big things are ahead for the Australian manufacturer.
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