Severe Weather Alert - WA

Severe Weather Alert
As Tropical Cyclone Damien approaches the Pilbara coast of Western Australia our thoughts are with our members in affected areas.

Your safety is first priority, and we encourage you to stay in touch with local authorities and heed all safety warnings and instructions.

Conditions can change quickly and we recommend you keep up to date on the latest forecast for your area on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the things you can do to help you prepare your boat for turbulent weather conditions.

If you have time and it is safe to do so, please take necessary precautions including, but not limited to:


  • High winds will damage covers and clears - remove them.
  • Remove bungs and debris in boats to allow water to drain.
  • Remove any unsecured property from in and around the boat.
  • Remove all electronics if possible.
  • Do not leave your boat under trees which are likely to damage the boat.
  • Move trailer boats away from power lines.
  • Move trailer boats away from water, in case of storm surge and flooding rivers.
  • For a detailed checklist on how to prepare for a severe weather event click here.

    Should you need to make a claim, or require assistance with a damaged vessel, please contact Club Marine:

  • Call 1300 00 CLUB (2582) and select option 2 for claims, or
  • Lodge a claim online in less than ten minutes or via the Club Marine App

  • Stay safe, and don’t hesitate to contact Club Marine if we can help.