Club Marine member stories

Club Marine members share their experiences with Club Marine insurance.
Kim Cardow: We're actually insured with Club Marine and have always been. Any time that we've had a problem, we've just called up, we've got advice on what to do and how to handle it. Club Marine has been wonderful from our perspective.

John Clinton: We've been with Club Marine for a long time. I can't remember being insured with anyone else on the water. I think the personal contact that we've had with them, it's important that you have a good insurance company behind you. We've had no reason to even look anywhere else.

Kim Cardow: Boating is definitely better with Club Marine.

Speaker 3: All my boats have been insured my Club Marine over the past decade or two. They're very, very professional organization, very slick group of guys. They're young and energetic.

Jen: Hi Michael. This is to say thank you for insuring with Club Marine.

Michael: Wonderful. We're really delighted to be insured with Club Marine. I have to say. I've been with them for many, many years now.

Speaker 6: I've been with Club Marine for, oh, I think 40 years probably now with the three boats that I've had. It has been excellent. Excellent. With Club Marine backing most of the boats these days, everyone seems to be very happy.

Vic Stevens: Look I'm insured with Club Marine. I'm very proud of the fact that I am. It hasn't always been insured with Club Marine. Last year on the 20th of February, we had Cyclone Marcia. Certainly a lot of vessels were damaged at Wilson Bay. The way Club Marine treated those claims with empathy and understanding to the circumstances that people were placed in, I swapped to Club Marine.

Speaker 3: They are genuinely good, mate. Thanks Club Marine.

Speaker 8: Boating is just better with Club Marine.

Speaker 9: Thanks Club Marine for looking after us.

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