Getting up on a wakeboard with Parker Siegele and Bec Gange

Parker Siegele & Bec Gange shares a few pointers to help you get up on a wakeboard.
Bec Gange: Hey. I'm Bec Gange, and as a pro rider, one of the most common questions I get asked is how to get up. Here is a few pointers to get you there. Once you've got your feet strapped in, and you're in the water, and you're ready to go, grab your handle. You're going keep your hands at a fair distance, and you're going suck your knees up right into your chest. You want to have your board at 10 degrees on an angle, so not too far up, or not too far down.

We're just going to slowly get up to speed. And see how he's leaning too far back. It's making him plow in the water. Once you're in a good position there, you're going to keep your arms straight, and lock your elbows on the outside of your knees. When people have them on the inside, they'll tend to get pulled forward, so make sure your arms are straight, knees bent. Once the boat starts to idle, you're just going to let your butt slide into your heels and you don't want to be rushing it. So, don't try and pull yourself up. Just let the boat do all the work.

So, once you start getting pulled, you're going to come up. The board will come up onto the water, and then that's when you're going to stand up. You can either pull the handle to your left hip or your right hip. Whichever one feels more comfortable. A good way to work that out is get someone to push you from behind, and whichever food you step forward with is usually the one that's going to be in the front. Once you're up, make sure you have about 60% of the weight on your back foot, and about 40% on your back foot. That allows you to steer with your front foot, but also be really grounded on the water.