How to prepare your Personal Water Craft

Simple steps for preparing your Personal Water Craft.
Dom Wiseman: A personal water craft is one of the most versatile vessels on the water, catering from the beginner all the way through to the highly skilled. But, before you hit the water, there are a few things that every personal water craft owner must know to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable day out on the water.

Even before you hitch your PWC trailer to your vehicle, make sure the front of the craft itself is securely attached to the trailer. That will eliminate any chance of it slipping off. While you're there, check to make sure the winch and safety chain are nice and secure and that the craft itself is sitting on the trailer correctly. Now, move to the rear of the PWC and make sure that the safety strap that attaches the craft to the trailer is nice and secure. Next, check that the bungs are nice and tight. Everyone has a story about the bungs being left out and it's best that that story is not about you. You don't want to wait till you're at the ramp to find out whether your pride and joy will start. So, start it up at home, give it a few revs but don't leave it running too long or you may overheat the engine.

The last, and probably most important step, is to ensure that you have all your safety gear. Safety regulations vary, depending on where you're riding and from State to State. So, make sure you've checked with the local authority and ensure that you have all of the correct equipment. Once you're happy that everything is in place, it's now time to attach the trailer to your vehicle. Reverse the vehicle nice and close and then drag the trailer that last little bit, to ensure that you don't damage the rear of your vehicle. When the trailer hitch is sitting on the tow-ball, make sure the latch is correctly secured. Fold away the jockey wheel and make sure the safety chain is attached to the tow-bar.

Plug in the lights and get someone to check that they're working on the back of the trailer. One final thing before you head out, more than ruining your day, running out of fuel can be a real safety issue, so make sure you fill up your tank before you launch and make sure that you've always got enough fuel to get back safely to the boat ramp.

Enjoy your time on the water. Boating is better with Club Marine.