How to release fish properly with Al McGlashan

Catch and release has become a massive part of fishing. In this video Al McGlashan shares some great tips on how to safely catch and release your fish.
Al McGlashan: Fishing has changed so much over the years. These days, catch and release has become a massive part of fishing, because, you know why? Fishermen are the custodians of the ocean. Phil has got me an esturary perch mate. So this is what we do for catch and release. First and foremost, support the fish when you get it, so be careful with it and hold him there for two secs. Gently remove the hook. With this we're using barbless hooks and plastic, so you hook them in the mouth so there's minimal damage and the survival rate is near 100%. If you hook them in the guts it's going to reduce it. So you've got to make the effort to hook them in the mouth.

So, secondly, don't keep them out of the water for too long. Have the camera ready before you've even got it out of the water. And as soon as you do lift it up, get the photo, and put it back in the water as quick as you can. Now, with these guys, you still don't want to keep them out for too long. Don't throw them in, if you can, just do it gently like that, and it'll take him a second, see all the fins are still nice and high, and he's away.

So with bigger fish like marlin and tuna and even sharks, if you're using baits, you're going to use circle hooks. Now, the great thing about circle hooks is you get the fish up close to the boat, cut it off with minimal leader, so there's nothing hanging out, and it won't affect the fish too much. Because as fishermen it's our responsibility to look after the fishery. Take a few home, but make sure you let a few go too.