How to rig a bait fish with a double hook

Paul Worsteling shows how to rig bait fish on a double hook rig. It's simple and very effective for rigging pilchards, silver whiting and scad.
Paul Worsteling: Hi, I'm Paul Worsteling for Club Marine TV. Today I'm gonna show you how to rig a small baitfish, pilchard silver whiting scad on a twin hook rig. Very, very simple but very effective when you're fishing a light current, burling getting those floaters down there.

So what I have here is a bit of leader. I run my first hook on that leader. In a very small sinker that can change depending on tide. Then I tie my bottom hook on here with a uni knot. You can check that out at Club Marine TV, it's a fantastic knot.

All I do, pick up my bait, I like to go straight through the bait about 2/3rds of the way down. Push it all the way through and come out the other side. Once I come out the other side this is the key. Get your hook, go in behind the gill plate because that's the strongest part of the fish and point the tip of the hook towards the nose of the fish rotating it back out just before the eye there. Then pull that hook out so it's nice and proud. Then, spin your fish over. Your other hook here, running down the line you pretty much want to insert that in a similar area to where you put that first hook through. So I'll use that hole as a guide go in towards the front of the fish again, pull it out, pull it through plenty of exposure. My ball sinker sits in the bottom there, and this is how we finish our bait.

One half hitch, nice and low. Second half hitch near the tail. Now that bait is beautifully rigged. You can see there's lots of hook exposed there. No fish is going to go, "Oh, there's a hook there. I'm not going to eat it." They're just going to come through and go, "Yum-o. Looks great." It's not going to fall off in a hurry. You can see it's really well tied on. And the best thing too, most predatory fish like to take the bait head first. So they come through, bang, and you get them with that hook every time. Try that when you're out fishing, it's an absolute gem. And, it's sure to produce the goods.