How to rig a weedless plastic

Paul shows how to rig weedless soft plastics. These rigs are perfect for fishing for species like barramundi and saratoga that like hanging around in heavy cover.
Paul Worsteling: Hi. I'm Paul Worsteling for Club Marine TV. Today I'm going to show you how to rig a soft plastic weedless. It's one of my favorite ways to approach any fishing for Barramundi, Saratoga, any of those fish that like to hang around in heavy cover. The reason the weedless plastic works so well, your hook tip isn't exposed, so you're not actually getting snagged on everything you go through. So you can get right into where the fish are, when they bite it though, they expose that tip and it works a treat.

Now I'm going to show you how to do it. Basically you tie a loop knot, which you can learn on Club Marine TV, to your worm hook. Now you can either put a sinker in the loop knot if you want to get deeper, or just have your loop knot but no sinker at all. And this is what I like to do. Literally, a little bit of saliva on the point of that hook, then I get my plastic, and what I do, I physically go in the nose, and just out the bottom there, and thread my plastic all the way around, and then work it up my hook, and onto the top.

So now you'll see, my plastic is literally sitting on the front of that hook, beautifully, and I can see that's where my hook needs to come out. So I literally measure it. I can do it on top so you can see better, and I can see that I'm going to have to go in, and come out just behind the dorsal fin of that placky. So I mark with my finger there. I push in, it's really important to keep this nice and straight as you go through. Just work your way up. I can see the point about to come out, just behind the dorsal.

There it is. I pull it through, and I now have a beautifully rigged weedless soft plastic. Look at that. You can see because the point runs parallel to the top of the placky. It's going to go through all that cover. When a fish bites, it pushes down, plenty of penetration, and bang, you've got it on. These things work an absolute treat. They get this real good pivot point going that paddle tail does the job. Now I'm going to say it, it's one of the most effective ways of using a soft plastic. Give it a go. Weedless soft plastic on a loop knot. Absolutely awesome.