How to spool a reel with Al McGlashan

There's a few tricks you need to know before fitting braid to your reel. In this video Alistair McGlashan shows you how it's done properly, including how to tie a double-uni knot, ideal for joining mono and braid.
Al McGlashan: When it comes to spooling up your reel, especially these days with braid, it's not just simply a matter of tying it on and winding it on. Yeah, braid's expensive, so you gotta look after it and if you do it right, it'll last a long time.

You can't put the braid directly onto the spool because what happens is, the braid will actually slip. So you need to put a short length of mono on. Now, that's really easy. You want a loop knot. All it basically is, just a couple of grannies back on itself, bang one, two, open your bail, put the loop over the top like that. Pull down tight, close the bail and then just wind it up. You can see there already that there's a bit of line there. That's enough now to grip.

What I'll do now is feed this short section of mono just through the guide so when we wind it on it's going straight through all the guides. Joining the two together, mono to braid, is really simple. All it is, is a double uni knot. Put the braid against the mono, make a loop in the braid like so, pin it against the mono, pull it down a bit like that, then all you do, get the tag, go around the main line and through the loop one, two, three, four and you know what five for good measure, five. Then just pull, don't worry about the mono, just pull on the braid, the tag against the main line and she slides into a nice neat little knot like that.

That knot's obviously holding the braid at that end, so what we do is, we do the exact same thing with the mono. These two knots are effectively pulling against each other. Because it's mono, there's more friction. So just give it a tiny bit of lube there, so that it doesn't burn on itself or burn against the braid, pull down tight and there you have your two knots. All you need to do is pull on the mono mainline against the braid mainline and slide them in. Voila, that is a double uni.

The final step is just trim these, trim them nice and close, so of course if you're really smart and organized you'd do this at home instead of out here on a rocking boat. Now we get the hard part and for this you need the assistant. Steph, you're gonna hold this, then what I'll do is move over to this corner and then it's just a matter of winding it on. It's important to get this braid tightly on the spool. If you get a loose spool underneath what will happen then, is if you hook a big fish that braid will dig down on itself because it's not compacted down enough and you'll end up in a disaster. So nice and tight on the spool. Nice and steady like that, and just keep winding.

So you can see now that I'm right up perfectly on the line there. Now I can put the leader on no problem at all. We always try and over spool, it's natural to save yourself a few bucks, put a few more meters on, but these reels, or braid's not designed for that. So if you over spool it, you'll end up with this bird's nest that will catch on itself and at the end of the day, you'll end up with $200 worth of braid that's completely useless. Don't over spool it, make sure you pack it down, and you'll get more out of your braid.