How to tie a bow line

The bow line is a perfect knot for tying your boat to a jetty - and is also nice and easy to untie as well!
Paul: Hi, I'm Paul Worsteling for Club Marine TV. Today I'm going to show you a very simple knot which you can use in rope, it's called a bow line. Fantastic, get down the jetty, you want to attach your boat nice and simply, but you also want to be able to undo that knot so you can go fishing. The bow line is very simple, it works like this.

First, make a loop. And once you've got that loop, I literally like to hold that out like so and face it down. Now always remember, this is like the little rabbit, this is the story that goes with it. The rabbit, he pokes his head out of the hole, has a look around. Then he runs around the back of the tree, and then he sees you coming so he pokes his head back down that the original hole. Once he's done that, you literally pull it all nice and tight, and there you have a beautiful loop in your rope.

And if you have a look at the front there, the way to actually remember this knot and make sure you've done it right is it should look like a sailor wearing a life jacket around his neck. That rope's the sailor, and that one there, there's the little lifejacket. So there is a simple bow line. You can pretty much tie that to anything, or just handy for a loop. And the great thing, as I was saying earlier, you can literally pull it undone nice and easily, so then you've got your rope for any other purpose you may like. How good is that? A bow line. Don't wait 50 years to learn it, learn it today.