How to tie a drop shot for squid

In this video Paul Worsteling shows how to rig a dropshot for squid. It's perfect for keeping your jig at the perfect depth above the sea floor.
Paul: Hi. I'm Paul Worsteling for Club Marine TV.

Today, I'm going to show you something very cool, it's called drop shotting for squid.

If you think about squid, calamari, they tend to sit near the weed at the bottom. Let's say you're fishing five meters of water, you want to get your jig down to that bottom meter, but, the big question, do you cast your real expensive squid jig out, let it sink all the way to the bottom.

Well, you don't quite know, so you lift it a bit high and then you're not catching squid. If it does get stuck in the weeds, you can lose a lot of bucks.

So, if you drop shot, you can actually guarantee the exact depth above the weeds your squid jig is and that's going to guarantee squidding success.

All you do is, get a bit of main line, or leader, and tie a small snap to it, using a palomar knot, you can check out that knot, and plenty more, at Club Marine TV. Once you've got that clip on there, basically the clip enables you to change squid jigs. You can change the colour and size to suit the conditions.

That basically sits like that, and all you do is decide the depth you want to fish above the bottom. Let's say I want to fish about 50 centimetres. I then grab my drop shot sinker. A drop shot sinker has a unique little safety pin type style there, and you basically pull the line in it and lock it off.

So, I get my tag, I'll literally place it through the sinker, and then snap it up to the desired height, that sinker's now attached. So, you'll see I'm now fishing a squid jig about 50 centimeters above the bottom. That sinker will actually drag through the weed, but it won't come off.

Once I've finished it once, I'm like "You know what? I didn't catch any." So, I slide it up, I move it to there, pull it up tight, and now the squid jig is literally fishing only 25 centimeters above the bottom. You can physically make these two meters long and you can change the desired depth of your squid jig every time.

Of course, they're buoyant in water, so it's going to sit just beautifully like that and you can physically fish your jig in the zone for 95 percent of the cast.

Give drop shotting a go. It's an absolutely awesome way of catching squid and plenty of other fish too.