How to tie a flemish eye with Paul Worsteling

Paul Worsteling shows how to tie a flemish eye – perfect for heavy leaders with big hooks. He also shows how to use a crimping tool correctly, an important skill for rigging heavy tackle.
Paul Worsteling: Any time you're making big strong heavy leaders with big hooks I recommend you using a Flemish Eye. It grabs the hook beautifully, holds on tight and of course you got to crimp the ends because sometimes tying this heavy mono just ain't too easy.

So, simply get your mono and crimps that match. Slide the crimps onto the line. I like to use these brass barrel crimps. I reckon they're just fantastic. Once you got two crimps slid on there all we do is get the end of our mono and go through the eye of the hook. Once you've gone through leave an adequate amount of leader there and then go through again. So we've now gone through there twice and that creates a nice little loop there. Once we've got our loop we then push our mono back through there once, twice and that creates our Flemish Eye. So you can see that actually pulls up nice and tight and causes a locking system so that when that pulls down it actually tightens itself.

Now that's locked on we get our crimp, slide the first crimp down the line all the way to just above our Flemish Eye. That'll sit there nicely and then the crimp. Now a lot of people, believe it or not, don't know how to crimp properly. Very important that the crimp sits across the crimping tool. As you can see this ones done a lot of work. So it literally sits up and down like so, crimp once then move the crimp along, crimp it a second time. Always leave a small piece of crimp sticking out from the side of the crimping tool. Because what that actually does is acts like a little flange so it sits up. If you crimp the end of the crimp there's a small chance it could cut into the mono and cause some grief.

So once that first one is crimped on beautifully we get our second crimp, we slide it on. Now, what we need to do here is work out how long we want that to be. That looks about right, so I like to cut that, get rid of my tag, and then sit my crimping tool like we just did just away from the edge of the crimp. And then I twist this around. By twisting it I help those two lines to slowly become one. Just keep twisting, keep it nice and tight. You'll see they're slowly becoming one which really helps get a fish on with abrasive teeth. Give that a good crimp once, twice.

There you have a beautiful Flemish Eye attaching a hook to our very heavy leader. Got two crimps in place and, as you see when you pull tight, the Flemish Eye locks on and makes sure nothings going to go astray.

If you're into big fish, I reckon you'll want to get into the Flemish Eye it's an absolute gem.