How to tie a loop knot

The loop knot is perfect for attaching a lure to the leader. It creates a pivot system to give the lure maximum action. It's pretty simple, too!
Paul Worsteling: Hi, I'm Paul Worsteling for Club Marine TV. Today I'm going to show you a loop knot which is used for attaching your lure to your leader. The benefit of the loop knot simply is that you have a loop to the lure is you get this really good pivoting system and your lure has a much better action. It is quite simple and it starts like this.

Simply take your leader and make what we call an overhand loop. Then, put the line through the hole and pull it up. So you've basically got yourself a small granny knot. Then, the line goes through your lure and then, this is the key to the knot, go back through your loop twice. Once, twice. And then you can literally pull that up and adjust the size of your loop. So I'm going to use a big loop here so I'll pull up fairly tightly. There you go, you get a nice big loop. And to finish it is simply a half hitch. So, over the line, back under, pull it up tight. And there you have the perfect loop knot.

Obviously, I'll trim that down. I like to leave about four or five mil and that, as you can see, is a beautiful loop. And that lure will get that beautiful swimming action. I've caught massive fish on this. Doesn't matter, the knot never gives way, it pulls tight. And I've got to say when I go loop knot as opposed to having it tied directly I definitely get more strikes.

Give the loop knot a go, works a charm and I'm sure you'll catch more fish.