How to tie a nail knot with Paul Worsteling

Paul Worsteling shows you how to tie a nail knot, ideal for big hooks and heavy leader.
Paul Worsteling: I'm about to show you a very clever knot. It starts with this. Now, I don't mind putting these in the ear every now and then and having a good scratch, but they're very, very good for tying a knot I like to call a nail knot.

That has now given me a little hollow tube. A lollipop stick works pretty good too.

So this is ideal any time you've got a big hook and heavy leader, because heavy leader can be very hard to tie. So what we do, simply put our heavy leader through the eye of the hook, pull it back around so you've got enough tag, and this is where the old stick comes in. So I lay that parallel to both lines. Then what I'm doing here is working down with the mono around the stick. I try and do that about four or five times. As long as I'm working towards the hook each time, it works very, very effectively. Hard to hold it's heavy in one eye, but I'm getting there now. Around one more time, and then this is where it gets tricky. I slide that into the bottom of my stick and pull it up and through and then pull the stick out. Bit of lube and look how neatly this thing pulls up. That is absolute gold. What a beautiful knot.

And you'll know it's a good knot because the tag sits up parallel just like that. So I can cut my tag off fairly short, and there we have it. The nail knot. The actual line is going back up through the middle like the other piece there. If you want to attach something big and heavy with heavy monofilament, that's the knot to use.