How to tie a palomar knot

In this video Paul Worsteling shows how to tie a palomar knot. It's perfect for drop shotting with soft plastics.
Paul Worsteling: Hi, I'm Paul Worsteling for Club Marine TV. Today I'm gonna show you a knot called a palomar. It's a knot that not a lot of people have heard about and very few people ever tie, but its absolutely perfect for doing a thing called dropshotting with soft plastics. You pretty much attach the hook directly to the line, so when you lift the rod tip, you get a really sharp action that plastic as opposed to having it on a leader, where you tend to slow it down a bit.

This is how it works. Literally, get a section of line and then pinch it together, making a small loop. Put that through the eye of your hook. Just push that through. Once it's through, you then make a loop and put your line back through the loop. Now this the key to the knot, the hook then goes back through that loop there and you pull it all up nice and tight. See just put a little bit of ... Pull it up tight and then, as you can see, now our hook sits beautifully off that line.

Look at the way it's sitting up there nice and proud and I love the way it actually sits parallel to the bottom of the sea. Look at that. Then, all we do is get a soft plastic. Pin it through the nose, like so and there you have it. As you can see, I move the rod tip and that plastic has that best action ever when you've got a big sinker on the bottom. So its called the palomar knot. Great one to learn. Give dropshotting with plastics a go, it works an absolute treat.