How to tie a paternoster rig with Paul Worsteling

Paul Worsteling show how to tie one of the most versatile fishing rigs ever invented: the paternoster rig. It's perfect for all types of fishing, from the surf to boat fishing.
Paul Worsteling: Now, I'm about to show you one of the most versatile fishing rigs every made. It's called the Paternoster. Beautiful if you're land-based fishing, boat fishing, doesn't matter. Paternoster of the surf on big salmon. Deep water for big King George Whiting, nannygai. This rig will do the job and you must make sure you know how to tie it if you want to catch more fish.

Now, keep it simple. About a metre of main leader. Then we have a small dropper, which I precut to around 10 inches. All I do is measure this out on the board there so that it sits beautifully. That should sit about fine. Then all we do is tie a granny knot pretty much. So I just do the loop, then I go back through there three times with both lines. One, two, and three. Before I pull it up tight, pull a bit. Little bit of lubrication, then I pull the whole knot tight. And once I've pulled all four lines I like to pull just the pink lines. Give that a good pull and then just pull that clear line too, which is the dropper and its tag. So I give that a good yank.

Okay. My tag is there. I cut the tag off which is the short piece of clear line. And literally, there is my first dropper for my Paternoster. That is a beautiful dropper. The reason I like tying the Paternoster this way is because you can actually see how that arches up and it holds the hook away from the mainline. If you do it a lot of other ways it sits down and they tangle very easy. So that is just sensational.

Now, we need to add our second piece. So I can literally lay this down and try and measure so that if the two have hooks on the end they can't actually grab, because you don't want to grab and get nasty so I throw this bit over here and I'll work from the bottom. So once I've measured my second dropper I set it in place and form another loop. Then I put the whole rig through, once, twice, three times. Again, a bit of lube, pull it all up nice and tight. Then pull the main line and the tag, and cut off the tag. There is my second beautiful little dropper. Look how neat that is sitting there. That is an absolute gem. Again, you can see the way it's sitting away from the mainline. So that bait is going to present itself just beautifully.

Now to finish the whole rig on the bottom we basically want to put a point to attach our sinker. So I literally fold it over, another granny knot and I only go through twice because if anything is to break on this rig I really want it to be my sinker dropper. Pull that up tight, cut the tag off and this now looks very much like a Paternoster Rig. You can see, sinker attachment point on the bottom. Up from there my first dropper. Up from there my second dropper.

All we need to do to finish it, just tie a swivel on the end with either a uni or a blood knot. That is the perfect rig. Whether it's sitting on an angle like that, being pulled up in the surf. Whether it's straight up and down, it doesn't matter, it works an absolute gem.

That rig is one you must learn if you want to catch more fish around our great country.