How to tie a plaited double knot with Paul Worsteling

Of all the knots Paul reckons this the most beautiful looking. It transforms one main line into a double for attaching wind-on leaders. Pay attention though because this one took Paul twelve months to master!
Paul Worsteling: I'm about to show you one of the most beautiful knots I have ever seen. It's called the plaited double. It transforms one main line into a double, so you can attach your wind on leaders etc with a cats paw and other fancy knots. This knot took me over 12 months to perfect, but once you get it right, it's all about having the right tension on the rod, it looks like the piece de resistance. Let me show you how it works.

Basically, work out the length of your double. That's about all we need using wind ons. Then put your main line back under that line like so, and create a cross. Then it is simply a matter of plaiting. I get my outside line, I go to the middle. That first one's crucial. Keep the tension on, then this side to the middle and so on. So, as we plait down, I'm keeping plenty of tension through the rod which is in a rod holder, always important to have that rod in a holder, and just keep a very slight bend in that rod, because that way it's putting tension on it the whole time. Left, right, left, right.

So, we just keep working down, perfecting this beautiful knot. I'll never forget, the night before Jett caught his first black mullet off the Gold Coast, I sat down and showed him how to tie this plait, when that reel screamed off and that little black was jumping around everywhere. I knew that fish wasn't getting away. Absolute gem.

You just keep working down. There's no real law here as to how far you pull it down, but the longer you make the plait, the more effectively it works, because the whole idea is the plait actually stretches. It's 100% proof, as in 100% line strength and does not weaken the line at all. So, I tend to think around six centimetres gives it that ability just to stretch a little bit and plenty of give. When you get to the point when you're ready and you think it looks pretty good, it is just a matter of starting with a few half hitches.

So, we make sure our tag is to the outside. She's not there yet. There it is, our tag is on the outside of the knot. All we do is simply half hitch, go under, and then back through both of the lines on the double. She's through. Grab that, pull it up and lock it off. The beauty about this part of the knot is you can now let go of it and it won't fall apart. With the bottom, the double, I lock that around my hand so it can't move, and I pull that up. The first one went under, I now go over and across. I go opposite with each half hitch.

That one there is to my left, and then right, left, and then right. Over and under, and that is my last half hitch. So what we're going to do now is cut my tab. I can cut it real close, won't be an issue. Done. Just look at that. What a beautiful knot, the plaited double. Absolutely amazing. Turns one main line into a double line, keep it nice and short, that way you can attach your wind on leader. If you can do any sort of game fishing, this is the one to tie. You know what? I reckon that one is going straight to the pool room.