How to tie a uni knot with Paul Worsteling

The uni knot is one of Paul's favourite fishing knots. It's simple and versatile, suitable for connecting almost all your terminal tackle.
Paul Worsteling: What I'm about to show you is one of my favorite fishing knots. It's called the uni. It is so simple, so versatile, that's why I love it. Doesn't matter if you're fishing for king fish, King George whiting, snapper, this knot will do the job. Ideal for connecting a hook to the end of your line, a swivel to the end of your line, or those knots that are nice and simple. This is how it works.

Take your line. Today, I'm using very, very, very heavy pink line. I'm also using a big hook just so you can see how it all works. This knot simply take your tag, place it through the hook, and pull it up so you've got quite a bit of double there. Now, the key with this knot is to pinch nice and tight there, take your tag and make a loop that you then pinch around like that. Now, with this tag, what we do is literally put that through one, two, three, four, five times. Then once we just start to pull it up just a bit, really important now we go for the old lube.

I'll come in for lube, put it on there, then we hold the tag in our teeth and we pull down like that. Now, you'll know it's a good uni knot if those two lines lay parallel like that and it sits there beautifully. As they're laying parallel, I turn the eye of the hook to the camera, just get our tag, cut the tag about there, and that allows for enough line that if that knot slips at all, it's not going to go anywhere. That, I've got to say, is a beautiful thing. This knot, make sure you know how to tie it. Put it in your bag of knot tricks because it is an absolute gem. If you get the uni right, guarantee you'll catch more fish in the future.