How to use your PWC for fishing

Andrew Donovan shares some choice tips on how to use your PWC or jetski for fishing. He's on the latest model SeaDoo from JSW Powersports.
Andrew: Gidday guys. It's Andrew here for Club Marine TV, and I had the opportunity of getting a brand-new 2018 Seadoo from JSW Powersports this morning, and getting out on the water and testing its features and some accessories you can get for it.

We had beautiful high tide this morning, so we went and explored some of the inlets around the Gold Coast. Some of these are rather shallow, which was great to see how shallow we could go with the jetski. It was pretty amazing. Compared to a boat, we would draw less than a foot of water, and get us to places that we couldn't normally go. I was pretty amazed that what you get to see, rather than what you wouldn't normally see limited by a boat, throwing a line off, doing a little bit of fishing and maybe catching some lunch. So I noticed this morning when we were out throwing a line that if you do hook up, there's none of this walking around the boat, dodging biminis and so forth, it's basically move your hand from one side to the other. And if you have to, if you're outside and you're hooked up to even a marlin, you have the opportunity of just reversing or going forward with the fish.

The amazing thing about this ski is your live bait tank, which is something you don't normally get. Two screws, straight in the back of the hull of your ski. There's already a plate there for it. A bilge pump pumps fresh water into your esky. There is a overflow so it does not run into your cold ice and your drinks. Also you can just turn that bilge pump off when you are travelling so it will be force-fed by the momentum of the ski, which is fantastic. You don't have to worry about it draining your battery or anything like that.

So another feature that I found really cool about the live bait tank, is it just unclips and you pull it out. So it gives you more storage if you do want to go, say, camping. You can fill it up with food and your drinks, not a drama. Adds another 20 liters of storage. You can even use this to hold your rods while trawling, rather than getting an adaption for your ski to hold your rods. Couple of ratchet straps and it's strapped down nice and secure. It also has an option, you can clip on a couple of jerry cans for those longer trips, and getting you that little bit more range, it's not a problem. Couple of jerry cans strapped to the side of this, on your ski, will add another day of travel.

Today we had a great time throwing a few lines in, touring up the rivers, showing some friends around that have never seen the sights. That's something you couldn't normally do with a boat in a half day to a full day. So if you guys are keen to get out on the water, make sure you pop in to your local dealer, have a look out for these online. Thanks, that's Andrew for Club Marine TV.