Maluka makes it seven

Despite some tough going in Storm Bay, Sean Langman’s mighty Maluka reached Hobart for the seventh time and in her second fastest time of 4 days, 4 hours and 51 minutes.
Interviewer: Hello, Sean Langman, how did you go? Hopefully a rather better run than on the way north, bringing the boat to the race.

Today was pretty tough, yeah. I've got to say, every turn today, coming round Tasman, we got nailed with a front and we seemed to be just bobbing up and down for hours. So no it's been a pretty tough day today, but no, great, great weather pattern for the whole beginning of the race and I think it's our second fastest time we've done now. So yeah, four, four and a bit days.

Interviewer: And following you on tracker, you were doing an awful lot of tacking around Cape Howe and in that sort of area there, I take you were just getting blasted all the time as well, yeah?

Sean Langman: Yeah we had it constantly between 30 and 42 knots, you know, so yeah, and a big sea. Whenever we went out back in the bay we copped a lot of current, so we came back to try and dribble round the rocks but we just weren't going to make it. So we just ... Yeah, no it was like sailing a square rigger not a gaff rigger, it was pretty tough.

Interviewer: And I heard you saying just now that you feel like your hand's been welded to the tiller, you've been steering all that time, yeah?

Sean Langman: Yeah pretty much, got a lot of callouses, and yeah, pretty much the shape of the tiller, so no it's been a ... It's been a long tough day today.

Interviewer: And the crew all good and the boat all good?

Sean Langman: Yeah yeah, boat's fantastic, crew are always good. Yeah, six people on a small boat, you all got to get on well, that's for sure.

Interviewer: And apart from the hard yards today, what were the highlights for you on the course?

Sean Langman: The highlights, like always, is the start and the finish for me, and the camaraderie with the crew. Sailing-wise yeah, we had a great race with Kamatsu until we let him go last night. We should have covered him I think, so we're beating him on water, which we're pretty excited about, and then this morning he beat us around Tas and he was gone. But yeah, it was a lot of fun, we sort of ... The great match race of the 30 footers, at the back of the fleet.

Interviewer: Did I hear, are you going to be bringing Maluka back again next year? Or are you done for Hobart or not?

Sean Langman: We've actually signed a deal with a French submarine builder for next year, so the boat's not going to be underwater it's going to be on top of the water, but yeah, we're doing a corporate sail next year, which is going to be a lot of fun.

Interviewer: Okay, yeah.

Sean Langman: I reckon, I've sort of been talking to the crew about when she turns 90, I turn 60, so that's five years time.

Interviewer: Five years time, so you'll be coming back definitely for an anniversary one then?

Sean Langman: Yeah.