Northbank 750HT Boat Review

John Willis tests the latest Mercury-powered 750 hardtop from Northbank. It's fitted with the new Mercury 3L diesel punching out 270HP and 36 knots. John's a big fan of the layout, built-in fishing features and the hardtop.
John Willis: G'day, I'm John Willis from Club Marine TV. It's a beautiful day and summer at Martha Cove, on Port Phillip Bay and I'm down here with the Northbank 750 HT, the hard top version. She's a ripper. But this one's got a secret. It's got the new Mercury diesel. That's a three litre, V6, 270 horsepower driving through a Bravo 3X Sea Core leg. It's a great unit. Let's go have some fun.

The hard top is just amazing. Just a great secure structure for the rough weather and for the bright sunshine that we've got out here today. It's really quite warm out here. But what a layout, plenty of deck room, huge big fishing area there, nice deep gunnel, so it's nice and safe in a big sea. You're not gonna get a falling out. Side door in this one as well. And look at the layout of the cabin and the cockpit and helm. It's just a fisherman's dream, it's terrific. It's a good, solid pedestal type seat. You can put seat boxes in there if you prefer.

The dashboard layout is really quite simple with plenty of room for big electronics. You've got your compasses, you've got wipers on the windshield as well which is just vital for a hardtop. Plenty of ventilation through the side windows. Plenty of headroom for a tall bugger and foot rests. You name it, it's all here.

For the passenger, you've got similar comfort all round the 750 HT. I've taken it through some rubbish in my life and it's come out smiling every time. Northbank has made a great boat even better. They've taken away from the outboard well and fitted the ripper new Mercury three litre diesel, 270 horsepower and it's taken away from all that we've had the bad side of diesel in the past. It's not noisy, it's extremely fuel efficient. It's easy to service and it's got a heap of grunt too. So plenty of maneuverability and plenty of bite.

I've gotta tell you, this redefines everything you've ever thought about diesels before. It brings the weight down low, up the back where it should be. Got enormous bite and enormous torque and just rips this thing out of the water without all the traditional induction noise of the diesel. Rips it out of the water, efficiently, cleanly, fuel efficiently and gets us up to beautiful top speed 36 knots. I've gotta tell you, I'm convinced. What a way to go.

Well, here we are back at the ramp. We've had an absolute ripper time in a great boat. Well done, Mr. Northbank and well done Mr. Mercury. This has been John Willis for Club Marine TV. And now I've gotta give it back.