Tips on using the throttle with Al McGlashan

Al McGlashan shares some valuable tips on how to use your throttle. It's different on every boat so get to know how your throttle works.
Al McGlashan: When it comes to knowing your boat one of the critical areas is your throttle. How many times have we been in the boat and somebody pushes the throttle, everyone lurches down the back? You could even in severe cases fall out of the boat. The important thing to remember is that every boat is different, and this applies right down to the throttle.

In this case I've got an electric throttle. With the old mechanical ones, they're very slow to engage. They click into gear, and then you put a bit of pressure on before they start. With this, with the electronic ones, the beauty is it's extremely responsive. So you can feel there, straight away, and I'm barely touching it.

The other thing that you've got to know about your throttle is that it's in gear. If I pull down to there it feels like the momentum just pushing the boat forward, but it is in fact still in gear. Here, make sure the throttle is like that, and you'll feel it click out of gear. The beauty is with the electronic ones, is that it shows you that it's in gear. Never be heavy handed with the throttle. That's probably the one thing I can suggest. Just don't wrench it down. Do everything slowly and you won't have any trouble.