Trailer wheel maintenance with Paul Worsteling

Paul Worsteling runs over a few basic tips for maintaining your trailer.
Paul Worsteling: Just like you'd service your car, it's very important you service your boat trailer and look after it, because maintenance is the key. If this wheel falls off and you're doing 100 kilometres an hour, it is not a good look and there's a lot of things you can do to make sure that it's not going to happen. First of all, always run your tires at a nice hard pressure and check what the PSI should be. These are actually light truck tires, so I should run these at 65 PSI. Nice and hard, they'll always get a good ride. The bearings inside here, nothing worse than doing a bearing on a trip. You get a jack under there and spin the wheel, if it spins nice and smooth, your bearing's normally okay. If you've got a bearing problem, you'll actually hear a bit of a crunching noise and it'll start to wobble. What I do, I take it straight to the mechanic, because what he does in five minutes would take me a week. Yes, the best tool in my toolbox, it's a cheque book. But it does the job. I get my bearings checked at least every 12 months and, if there's even the slightest sign there's a problem, they're out, the new ones are in.

Bearing buddies are fantastic. You pump them full of grease, it keeps those bearings nice and greased. And these little dust covers here, they stop water from getting in, stop the bearing grease from going all over your hubs and, of course, stop dirt and grime going in there as well. And, what I've actually done is put a cable tie around the dust cap, because if you don't they tend to fly off on the road and you're forever buying new ones. When it comes to the tires themselves, the biggest killer of tires is sun, that UV. So, try and store your boat trailer, with the boat on it of course, in a garage or under cover. If you can't, just lean something up against the tires so the sun is not on them all day. Then, of course, tread. Get yourself a little tire indicator like this, drop it in there, spin it around and I can tell you that they are just about on the edge of going. I reckon I might get a few more trips out of these, then it's time for new tires as well.

I hope all this helps. Make sure you take the time to look after your trailer, 'cause if you do it'll look after you. This has been Paul Worsteling for my good friends at Club Marine.

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