Tussle for the Tattersall's Cup

Across all sports what often takes the winner to next level is the strength of their competition, so it was no surprise to hear Matt Allen, the new holder of the Tattersall's Cup paying tribute to the crew of Bob Steel's Quest and acknowledging just how hard they had to sail to beat their rivals for the much-coveted trophy.
Matt Allen: What an exciting ride. We had our ups sand our downs, we were looking really good day one. Day two, after blowing up the spinnaker we knew we had a bit on. Boats were catching up with us. We didn't really have the right spinnaker for the conditions. We either had to make it up or wait for conditions to change. They backed off a little bit, and then we put up our next heavier spinnaker and we were able to pull the time out of everybody.

Gordon Maguire: What was hard for us, it was the sea state. We were running in a very kind of new sea that had built up and it was a cross section of wave that kept bouncing around and changing and we're tiller steered, so the driver actually sits at the front of the row and he gets strapped on and the waves hit him and then everybody ducks in behind him. As a driver you're kind of on the front row and drivers typically, they're not really front rowers.

Yeah, they pushed us the whole way. We would have backed off had they not been there and that's probably the greatest compliment you could pay anybody. They made us beat them.

The critical decision point for us that has placed us wherever we finish in this race would have been to re-hoist the A4. When all your asset management and all your "let's protect the gear and let's protect the sails" went out the window. It was like, if we don't put it up, we're going to lose.

Bob Steel: It was a fairly obvious thought of mine that Matt was going to win for the first time in 28 endeavours so great, fantastic. I just wanted a third Rolex watch.

Adam Brown: On these types of boats 30 knots is very, very hard work, keep the keel underneath the boat and hitting top speeds of 25, 26 knots on a regular basis with everybody sleeping down the transom of the boat here so very exciting stuff. A few little capsizes, but anyway, we kept everybody on board.

Interviewer: I gather you took the wheel out, who went with that?

Adam Brown: Greeny took the wheel out luckily. It was a change of drivers and Greeny took the wheel out, so we're lucky to keep everybody on board because it happened pretty radically.

Matt Allen: We were pretty tense. I think we were parked for about 20 something minutes and we figured before we parked up that we probably had 20 minutes on Quest and we thought "Ah!" So we just burnt 20 minutes.

The boys did a great job just pushing the boat. Really hard every moment of the time and we were pulling good times out of people. We were just worried we were going to break something especially our last remaining heavy weather spinnaker but she held in.