Wakeboarding tricks Parker Siegele

Parker Siegele teaches you some basic wakeboarding tricks.
Parker Siegele: How's it going, guys? Parker Siegele here and today, I'm here to teach you your first few tricks you're gonna learn on your wake board. So, once you're up and riding, the first trick that I'd suggest learning first is a Surface 180 and the reason for that is t gives you a lot more, like a better feeling on your board when you're riding along and really all it is is riding along and then changing direction, going the opposite way, we just switch.

So, you're going to be riding along regular with the handle on your front hip and what you're gonna do is you're gonna go ahead and push that handle across to your other hip with your knees bent, and what that's gonna do is it's going to switch that board around a switch and then you're just gonna be riding along like normal.

A couple of common mistakes on a Surface 180 is obviously not pushing that handle across to your opposite hip and also having your knees not bent enough. Riding switch, it's obviously gonna feel pretty awkward to start, but once you do it more you'll definitely get used to it and get the hang of it pretty quick, just like you were when you started riding regular.

So, after you've mastered the Surface 180, then you're gonna want to make it a bit more fun and start going in the air. So, the next thing you want to do is learn how to jump. You can start off first of all by doing a couple small jumps into the middle. Then, once you get confident doing that, you take them wake to wake and land down the other side. Once you've mastered the heel side wake to wake, then you'll want to do a toe side straight away. A lot of problems are that people learn it heel side because it's so much easier than toe side and then they forget to do it toe side and it just really limits their riding to their toe side tricks.

So, the keys to a sweet heel side wake to wake and toe side wake to wake is starting your edge out really wide, and what you wanna do is you wanna start your edge slow, then as you're coming into the wake, you're gonna build up speed. It doesn't have to be flat out, it just has to be really progressive into the wake, or as you're cutting into the wake, you're gonna have your knees bent, and as you take off the top, you push off the top and that also helps with the height. So, with your jumps, you're gonna start 'em out small and once you're comfortable doing them small heel side and toe side, then you're gonna figure out where you're gonna land when you take them bigger wake to wake.

Keys to a good landing is making sure when you land, you have your knees bent. You don't wanna have them straight, otherwise it's easy to get bucked off and fall a bit wrong, so knees bent when you land and also, having that handle on your front hip, that helps a lot as well because then you're always gonna land straight. So, pretty much, you're just gonna land on pretty well on the down ramp on the other side of the wake, and that's really the smoothest spot to land. Obviously, when you start getting a bit more confident, you can take it out to the flats. To start with, you just wanna be down at the other end, that's the best spot to land. So, get out there, don't be afraid to take a few falls because that's the way you're gonna be learning these tricks. Even us guys, we have our fair share of falls so definitely don't be afraid to give it a go.