Club Marine's road rescue

Club Marine Assist
Club Marine member Patrick Doonan recently experienced an accident with his trailerboat while on holiday at Tuross Head, a five-hour drive south of his home in Sydney. While reversing into a parking spot, the trailer jackknifed, causing the drawbar to bend and breaking the winch handle. As a result, Patrick was unable to tow his boat home but, after a quick call to his insurer, help was on the way.

“I called Club Marine about my claim and the claims staff quickly became aware of my predicament and distance from home, repairers, and other help,” said Patrick.

“After getting the claim details sorted, my call was transferred to the Club Marine Assist team, who organised a repairer at Narooma – a half hour drive from where I was.

“The accident happened at around 12 noon on the Wednesday. The trailer with the boat still on it were collected by a tow vehicle four hours later and taken to Kingfisher Marine at Narooma.”

With the marine centre’s quote for a replacement trailer authorised by Club Marine the following day, Patrick was able to collect his boat on its new trailer in time for the weekend drive home.

“Club Marine’s staff and Kingfisher Marine were aware that I had to return home to Sydney for work on Monday and that a return trip to Narooma to collect a boat at a later date would be a 10-hour return drive. To cut a long story short, I collected the new trailer with my boat on it on Saturday and drove home to Sydney early on Sunday.

“Nothing was a problem for the Club Marine claims staff and the Assist staff I spoke to – they were caring, courteous, extremely helpful and willing to quickly attend to matters so I could get a new trailer and get back to Sydney. Overall, an excellent experience from your excellent staff. Also, Kingfisher Marine’s owners Hannah and Nick were great, I can recommended them to anyone who might need their services.

“Thank you very much Club Marine.”

So, while Patrick’s holiday didn’t quite turn out the way he had planned, he’s pleased his insurance could help so swiftly in his time of need.

Club Marine members can lodge a claim here or by calling 1300 00 CLUB (2582).