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Tropical treats from Townsville

Shorehouse Townsville
On a mid-winter trip along the North Queensland coast, Club Marine Magazine's Culinary Cruising team stopped for a bite to eat in Townsville and discovered some sensational tropical seafood and regional specialties – including at Shorehouse Townsville.

When in town, the thing to do on a balmy evening is to stroll along The Strand, a 2.5km-long, beautifully landscaped walkway under palm trees that leads along Townsville’s beach foreshore. At the top end, where The Strand meets the Kissing Point Fortification and the Rockpool, you’ll find Shorehouse restaurant.

Shorehouse’s menu is made for sharing and grazing (there’s also a ‘just feed me’ option if you can’t decide), and features modern Asian cuisine with a tropical Aussie edge and an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced produce. There are two dining rooms – a casual open-air space with bar that boasts water views, and a sophisticated yet mellow dining room on the inside.
Shorehouse Townsville' duck bao buns w Chinese mandarin sauce
Here’s the Shorehouse’s recipe for duck bao buns with Chinese mandarin sauce, which makes 12 filled bao buns.

Mandarin sauce

100g brown chicken stock
1tps oil
1tsp sesame oil
70g mandarin zest
8g garlic
15g brown onion
5g chilli, chopped
3g ginger, minced
40g tamarind paste
35g mandarin juice
17g fish sauce
17g Shaoxing wine
35g red wine
35g brown sugar
Shorehouse Townsville breezy dining room
In a saucepan, sweat off the mandarin zest, garlic, onion, chilli and ginger in 1tsp oil until soft – don’t allow to colour.

Add the remaining ingredients, bring to a simmer and cook for 1 hour. Strain before use.

To prepare the duck
2 duck breasts
1½ tsp salt
5g ground Sichuan pepper
10g chilli powder
5g sugar
5g paprika
30g canola oil

12 boa buns (store bought)
12 cos lettuce leaves, cut so they’ll fit into buns
¼ bunch spring onions, sliced

200g glutinous rice flour
200g rice flour
200g potato flour
200g egg white
1lt oil for deep frying

Combine the salt, Sichuan pepper, chilli powder, sugar, paprika and oil. Coat the duck breasts with the marinade. Marinate for 2 hours.

Fry the duck skin-side down in a pan until crispy, turning once. Cook to medium rare.

Cool. Slice each breast into 6 even pieces.

Combine the three flours in a dish. Coat the cooled, sliced duck with the flour mix, dip into the egg white, and then dip back into the flour again.

Deep-fry the duck pieces at 180°C until crispy.

Soak duck in mandarin sauce.

Steam the bao buns according to the instructions on the packet. Place a cos lettuce leaf in each bun, add a mandarin-soaked duck, and top with spring onion.

Recipe courtesy of Shorehouse Townsville

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