And the Boatloads of fun winners are...

The winners of Club Marine's 'Boatloads of Fun' competition have been drawn with a very excited family receiving the major prize.  Watch the video of when we handed over a brand new Northbank 600c and Isuzu D-Max to the Butler family.
Simon McLean: What a great year it's been for Club Marine, with our fantastic Boatloads of Fun members' giveaway. Hi, I'm Simon McLean, CEO of Club Marine.
The last twelve months has been a great opportunity for Club Marine to give away $250,000 worth of prizes to our members and magazine subscribers as part of our Boatloads of Fun promotion.
Boatloads of Fun has been our biggest-ever promotion, and for me personally, it's been brilliant to be able to pick up the phone and talk to our members and magazine subscribers, especially telling them about the fantastic prizes that they've won. Our prize partners included Northbank Boats, with their fantastic 600c trailer boat, and also Isuzu with their brand-new D-Max LST ute. In addition, we've been able to give away fantastic support prizes over the last twelve months to Club Marine members. For example, we've given away three great adventure tours on five-star cruiser True North. As a result, our lucky members visited destinations such as Rowley Shoals, Kangaroo Island, the south Australian coast, and the spectacular and remote Kimberly region in Western Australia.

Two other Club Marine members won Brig Falcon Tenders supplied to us by Sirocco Marine South. Six other lucky members received fishing packs supplied by Shimano to the value of $5,000 each.

Personally, though, one of the best experiences for me was being able to hand over our major prizes, the Northbank 600c trailer boat, and also the Isuzu D-Max ute to our lucky winner, Craig Butler and his family. We're really pleased that Craig and Kerrie and their beautiful children, Max and Charlotte, will have a great time out on the water using their brand new boat.

Craig and Kerrie, congratulations on being Club Marine's Boatloads of Fun winners. What do you think about the prizes?

Kerrie Butler: Amazing. Can't believe it. Thank you so much.

Craig Butler: Awesome. Fantastic. Yeah.

Simon McLean: Oh, you're most welcome. We really appreciate your business, and it's just so fantastic to be able to give away such a great prize pool to customers who have been with us for a period of time.

Craig Butler: Yeah, awesome. Big thank you to Club Marine, Northbank, Isuzu, Mackay Trailers and the awesome Mercury on the back there. Fantastic. Can't believe it.

Simon McLean: We really hope you enjoy it.

Craig Butler: Yeah. No, we will. Absolutely. Thanks very much.

Kerrie Butler: 'm sure we will. Thank you.

Simon McLean: Well done. Well done. You're gonna enjoy it the most.

Boatloads of Fun has been an important way for us to say thank you to our loy
al members. We really value their long-term relationships and their support of our business, and the good news is, we've got more campaigns on the way.
Special thanks to our prize partners: Northbank Boats, Isuzu Australia, True North Adventure Cruises, Mercury Marine Australia, Mackay Trailers, Shimano, and Brig Tenders.