Coming along side at sea with Alistair McGlashan

In this video Alistair McGlashan shares some valuable tips on pulling up along side another boat at sea.
Al McGlashan: Coming along side at sea, especially like now where there's a little bit of breeze, can be, well it can be daunting, but if you play it safe and work with the other boat you can do it really easily. So the first thing we want to do is communicate with the other boat so they know what to do.

So these guys are staying still, he's going to stay on the wheel in case something goes wrong. So we've got Yerbury sitting there, he's out of gear. So I'm coming in, we've cleared the whole side of the boat, he's cleared the side of his boat. What I want to do is you're on the throttle the whole time. Everything's nice and slow. And if you go, if you reach out you can hold each other's hands. No hands down the side, perfect there, everyone's holding it apart. And in this case where it's a quick drop and go, this is easy to do. Or in this case a pick up, give me my rod!

Now, when it comes to parting, all we want to do is, we'll push off and gently Yerbury will go straight to the wheel on his boat, I'll go straight to the wheel on my boat and we're good. If you play it safe and you do it slowly, don't race in, just come in gently, assess the situation, read which way the seas going, that's how you do it safely at sea.