How to launch solo with Alistair McGlashan

Al McGlashan shares some tips on how to launch solo, including a handy checklist for the boat - and the trailer - as well as some good common sense hints to follow.
Al McGlashan: When it comes to launching on your own, even a big boat like Strike Zone, yeah, look, it can be daunting. But do you know what? You follow the same process. So, tiedown straps, remember to take them off. I know it sounds silly, but people have forgotten. Of course, remember your bungs. And then the next thing you do, always assess the boat ramp. It's one of those things, check which way the current's going. Check there's no debris down there. And then it's time to launch.

The big thing is to know how your boat and trailer operate. With mine, it likes to sit on there pretty good. So, first thing we do is unclip. It's all unclipped, including the safety. It's important to remember, with different boats that they'll do different things. Some boats with a lot of rollers will want to slide, and especially if the angle of the ramp's more. But in this case, it'll sit there perfectly.

Once you're in the boat the first thing you do is check behind you before you go into reverse. There might be a swimmer, there might be another boat, there might even be a log. Now, the first thing you do is trim your engine down, but don't go too far because if you trim down to far you're going to hit the bottom. If everything is clear, put it in reverse, give it just enough revs to start sliding off.

So, with the boat off the trailer, all we need to do is tie it off. Of course, you've got the fenders there as well. Tie her off. In this case, we really only need one because it's nice and safe and secure. Then, park the trailer, and go fishing.