How to tie a back-to-back uni knot with Paul Worsteling

Paul Worsteling shows you how to tie a back-to-back uni knot, ideal for tying mono to mono, braid to braid, or mono to braid.
Paul Worsteling: If you're like me and you like to keep things simple but still effective, then you're going to love the back to back uni. You can tie mono to mono, braid to braid or braid to mono. Ideal if you want to run a mono leader or if you want to top shot your reel, so you don't want to have to fill the whole thing up, simply get two lines.

Today I'm using 80 pound and 80 pound, cross the lines over leaving enough room for a tag and get our pink line here, simply make a loop and then go back through that loop about five times. One, two, three, four and five times. Once you've done that pull it up a bit, add some lube but don't pull it all the way, just pull up a bit.

Then we get our second line, the white line and we do exactly the same process. Make a loop and we go through again, one, two, three, four, about five times. Pull that one up again, lube but not too tight. Once we've pulled them both, we slowly pull them together, nice and slow until they meet just in the middle there. And then once they're pulled together, grab each tag and pull away from the other. Pull it up tight and you have a very effective beautiful knot as I said for joining mono to mono, braid to mono, mono to braid.

Cut the tags, you can cut them pretty close, they rarely slip. Both tags done. And that is a beautiful thing and seriously, look how strong it is. Almost like having a one piece of mono in the first place. Make sure you learn how to tie this one, it's very very versatile.