How to trim your engine with Alistair McGlashan

Alistair McGlashan explains the trim function on an outboard engine.
Al McGlashan: We're going right back to basics. We're talking about tilt and trim on your engine. Now most guys think it's just for the end of the day, when you pull your boat up you trim your engine up. But, while you're driving, it is a critical part. So, we're just in gear now, accelerating. We've got it trimmed right in at the moment, so that's going to dig it in. And we're going to accelerate up. Now, what happens is we increase speed, we're pulling the bow up, but we want to get that lift the bum up. So, by trimming the engine up, and you can actually hear it changing as we do and the speed going up, so lift the bum up. So, it's running a lot more efficiently and faster. Now, if I pull the trim in, which means pushing the engine down in towards the back of the boat, you'll hear it digging in and at the same time the bow is going. So you can hear it now and it's actually harder to control. So, while you're fishing or while you're driving or when you race up and down the river, whenever you're on the boat, what we want to do is play with your tilt and trim.

It's interesting 'cause every boat's different, so you'll have that sweet spot you want. So, with mine, it's about three quarter trim. You can feel it there now, it's starting to open up and it's running beautifully. So, don't be afraid of your tilt and trim. It's a vital part of getting that boat running as fast and efficiently as you can. So, just experiment, 'cause every boat's different. And you'll save a bit of fuel as well.