Ichi Ban - Tattersall's Cup Winner

Video of the Tattersalls Cup Presentation to Ichi Ban.
Announcer: The skipper of the winning boat, the owner, Ichi Ban, Matt Allen. 28th Race, as mentioned, for Matt Allen.

Matt Allen: It was a great thrill for us all. By breaking the 73 year history of the race record for conventionally ballasted boats, it was just an additional thrill for us. That goes back all the way to Rani in 1945. And to imagine that a 52 foot boat can actually beat that record that's existed from Brindabella in 1999. An extra thrill on top of obviously, winning the race, which is a dream for us all. I tapped Gordon on the shoulder, about 364 days ago and said, "Gordon, let's go and have a cup of coffee. And I've got this sort of vision that we build a super series TP 52 hull, but strengthened for offshore for the rigorous conditions of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race, with Tim's ability as a plumber to waterproof."

He did a pretty good job. But we certainly did get wet. Don't worry about that. So we just put the rig from the old boat into the new boat, with the latest technology, the latest design, and can I just say, the most amazing crew I've ever sailed with. These guys went ... We pushed the boat. We had to push the boat. You're not going to win this race without pushing. These guys just did the most amazing effort. The judgment calls by Gordon and Will, and the guys driving the boat... We had lots of people, virtually more that half the crew drive the boat through the race. And they all just did an amazing job. These guys, we didn't leave anything on the table. We couldn't. And it was just an amazing experience to sail with such a great group of guys that would all go to the end of the world for each other.

They're really an inspiration, as I said yesterday, it was actually to drive the boat like we stole it. It was just pedal down and just fingers crossed that nothing gave way. But you don't ever win this race easily. You have to win it three times. I think the last ... The two times I've won it, you had to win the race off the East coast, you've got to win it off the East coast of Tasmania, and then you've got to win it again in Storm Bay and the Derwent. You've got to be good, and you've got to be lucky to win this race.