Satellite phone safety with Paul Worsteling

Paul Worsteling explains when and why you should carry a satellite phone.
Paul Worsteling: Well, anytime you hit the water, particularly in remote locations, safety is the most important issue. You always want to get home safe and tell the tales of a great day fishing.

Now, I'm in remote PNG, Lake Murray, a long way from anywhere. We have no cell service. Anytime I travel anywhere in the world where I don't have phone connection, I always take a sat phone. All you do is whack the aerial up, press the button, and I'm connected to the world. Most importantly, somebody could come and help if we're in trouble. Now, a couple little tips. Make sure you always save your most important numbers in your contacts. 'Cause in a safety situation, you'll panic and you may even struggle to remember to dial 000. So, I've saved my wife's number, I've saved AMSA's number, and all important numbers, and I've gone through it several times before anything's ever happened, so I know how to scroll in, go to contacts, hit the button, and I have a list of things to tell people, including our GPS coordinates, so I know that help will be very soon on it's way. So, at the end of the day, the old sat phone may well save your life. But you've got to remember, too, you can keep in contact with loved ones, and there's nothing wrong with that. This fishing and boating tip was brought to you by your friends Club Marine, and remember, stay safe on the water.

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