Solo boat retrieval with a boat catch with Alistair McGlashan

Alistair McGlashan shows how to retrieve your boat on your own with a boat catch.
Al McGlashan: When it comes to retrieving your boat you can do it solo, even with a big boat like this one, Strike Zone. First thing you do, tie it off securely. Now we've got a run tied, so just one rope there will hold it perfectly. If you've got a run out, or there's a bit of wake, probably a couple of fenders will help a bit. Second thing go and get the car.

Now every boat is different and every trailer is different, so you've got to understand yours. With mine, my boat sits quite neatly when it sits on. Doesn't want to roll off, but remember always have your handle, and in my case open your boat catch. That'll lock it in.

Now when it comes to lining your boat up the key is you've got to consider both the wind and the current. Whichever way it's coming from, you want to be on the up current side, or the up wind side, so you drift into position rather than going straight on. So you're coming in on the angle. On this one there's not much, so just come straight in. As I hit the trailer just go to neutral, let it roll up a bit. Now as I start to trim up, I'm going to trim it up and now I'm going to accelerate up onto the trailer. Steering it as I go, just to make sure it's in line. Then I hear it lock on the boat catch. All I need to do now is pull it out of gear, trim it up, and turn it off.

So then all you have to do after that put your winch cable on, click her into gear, wind her up so she's nice and secure, and of course safety chain as well. Then you're done.